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Recent DMCA Takedowns of Third-Party Programs - Discussion [Updated: November 8th]



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    Elinu1 wrote: »
    If you guys are leaving can I haz ur stuff.

    Nop, tbh it's better to just sell everything to the npc than to give to some random NA player.
    Cuz remember, we're all a bunch of "cheaters" (that's how NA players call their oversea players) :)
    And you guys LOVE virtual hard work and brainless grinding, so gl and go farm golden talents on this grinding simulator ;)
  • So I have read every post in this thread from the last 19 pages and I really hope EME are reading them too and not ignoring it as this is your community voicing their feedback that you are asking for.



    You said the feedback was passed along a while ago, but I logged in to check battleground coins today and nothing has been done about them, elemental essences are still cost 30 coins each, I can easily get them from Harrowhold, Rally bam or running hard mode dungeons there is no way 30 coins is worth it maybe if it was a veiltroch it would be justified for 30 coins. If history is going to repeat itself then I doubt anything in this thread will be taken into consideration and would really like to know what happened with this feedback that was passed along apparently.

    Since in the past you have constantly done bad updates, people say they will quit but your population numbers are just fine people will probably come back as many of them are in too deep as they have invested way too much time/money to this game to quit, there was a game that also went a similar path called Runescape they wanted to update the combat system for their game as they wanted to keep up with the new flashy MMOs as they thought their point and click combat system was too dull and boring however many players that played the beta for evolution of combat gave feedback that they do not want this update to happen but since Jagex had already invested into it they made the update happen anyway, what happened next was that they lost over half their playerbase as the core mechanics of the game had been changed and nobody asked for this.

    Though Runescape did manage to recover only because the players demanded an oldschool server and because Jagex realised what they had done made their population drop was clearly a mistake because they didn't listen to their community this time round they actually listened and now all they do is listen to their community, they even have poll booths for player feedback if an update should happen or not and I believe Runescape is doing good nowadays.

    I believe what EME has done is similar to what Jagex has done in the past of ignoring the community feedback but they made a comeback from all of this because they started listening to their playerbase as they are the people that actually play the game. I hope you will see your population fall even though I want to see TERA do great but it seems like it will be the only way for you to learn and maybe in future you will actually listen to your community.



    Here are my feedback threads that you could start with if you really did care.

  • Me and my 6 non-american friends now have to leave because of eme's stupid decision.
    Thank you.
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