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Recent DMCA Takedowns of Third-Party Programs - Discussion [Updated: November 8th]



  • metagamemetagame ✭✭✭✭
    Rxkt wrote: »
    eme probably isn't following this thread lmao. and if they were they wouldn't be paying attention anyway. history repeats itself
    don't ever recall eme ever working on the weekends unless something like a server crash happens
  • KitTeaCup wrote: »
    This is the thread from the News & Announcements area. Please be kind, respectful and if you want to add constructive feedback, it's welcome.

    Disciplinary action will be taken if any player uses foul language, attacks EME employees or other players.

    Statement from Denommentor:

    Dear all TERA Players,

    We have recently issued some standard takedown requests to platforms around the internet where we found communities actively working in violation of our Terms of Service. En Masse Entertainment has maintained a firm stance against 3rd Party programs or mods that violate our Terms of Service.

    We understand your frustration and regret that this may have disrupted gameplay for some players. We took this action in an effort to protect the experience for those who play the game fairly and engage in the community positively.

    The current situation does not justify abusive or toxic behavior directed at our employees or other players. Threads that are not constructive or violate our code of conduct will be closed or deleted. Disciplinary action will be taken against those players that display this behavior.

    We love you TERA players and we understand that you’re upset about this. We will investigate solutions that provide some of the benefits that these 3rd Party Services offered in a form that doesn't violate our terms of service. Please be patient with us while we see what we can come up with.

    con todo respeto, algunos programas son muy necesarios por la alta latencia del juego en centro y sur america. estos programas ayudan al usuario a disfrutar el juego. por eso espero que mediten o hagan algo por los jugadores que requieren una mejor experiencia de juego.
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    Equitas wrote: »
    M6KPMHHLR3 wrote: »
    Another what? Stop seeking attention in every thread. We are trying to contribute here.

    Here's another.

    Can you literally stop your [filtered]? You're just filling the thread with non-sense posts.

    I'm too tired from working 14 hours at work to make any sort of post regarding this, so for now I'll just say;
    This will impact the game in a negative way, more than a positive way.

    **Please note: I'm not a proxy user, but know people who used it, and the effects it has for users who used it legitimately.**
  • I take it this is the second coming of the "What's what in 2016" post

    Save all of your breaths, don't bother typing out long essays pleading for change. I remember doing that back in 2016 hoping they'd side with players and do better, but they didnt. and me and everyone I knew quit then.

    and just like now, there were a bunch saying "Yeah just go!!! The game doesnt need you whiners anyway!!"
    and after we all quit, you all got charged more for costumes, mounts, and everything else they could because they lost half the playerbase and needed to makeup for all that loss of income.

    So yeah, just let it happen again. Stop caring so much. Don't like it? Quit. Go on
    and the ones that cheer you on to quit for being "whiners" will get to pay twice as much just a little later on to make up for you and everyone you know leaving. There's really no downside and Tera isnt as one-of-a-kind as a lot of you have convinced yourselves it is. I remember thinking there was no way I could play anything other than Tera when it came to MMOs. but 2 years after leaving I have a bigger guild and way more fun than I ever had in Tera.

    It's never going to get better, so accept it and move on.
  • Really starting over on EU? The community there is even worse not worth it even Gameforge can literally ban your account for proxy or whatever reason that satisfy them. the best thing you people can do is wait for the situation to calm down and see if its gets any better or just quit.. sadly quitting and waiting was the option i took.
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