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Recent DMCA Takedowns of Third-Party Programs - Discussion [Updated: November 8th]



  • they have other game to manage and is also buzy. also console.

    allow all the proxy and sp in pve possible but ban all pvp proxy users and make it illegal.
  • As sad as it is, you guys should just jump ship to another game and leave Tera NA, because with the staff they have left, and the things they have done in the past year, there is no hope whatsoever to improve things for this game. Everything comes to an end, and so should this as well.
  • TomRipleyTomRipley ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    Wait, what? So, EME, you kinda tolerate certain 3rd party stuff now, but it's against your ToS and people can still get banned because of it? /o\ What is this supposed to mean, is this some kind of Schrödinger's proxy use now?

    Tuesday is coming, and you know nothing, EME... what a sad joke this mess has become.
  • LancerJivaLancerJiva ✭✭✭✭✭
    Basically you use 3rd party stuff, you run the risk of getting banned. It's like that in any game, and even here nothings changed.
  • So ... all this ... I mean all this huge BS was just a show to make this huge outburst and show that EME has no backbone?
    My head hurts from this and to top it of, now there is an offer of gambling boxes, saying go throw money at us, as a fix? What a mess.
  • 3Hero wrote: »
    Where are the anti-proxy sheep calling everyone a cheater now? omegaLul

    its still against the tos, and you can still get your account banned due to it being cheating. it is still cheating until they change the tos. eme telling you not to get caught doesn't make it right to use cause if you do get caught they will ban you. why would they ban someone if it isn't against the tos, which is cheating.
  • Yup. Its the same answer they gave last year.
    They allow proxy/ 3rd party program, as long as those thing doesn't tamper with the game.

    Did u proxy sheep just call other people sheep? OmegaLuLz
    U're the one who cannot even play this game without these proxy [filtered].
    U're literally being the experiment subjects, being tested for free by some 'dev', to complete their 'unofficial products', to the point that if they remove the 'product support'.... u'll die.
  • The show must go on.. said Freddie Mercury once XD

    76k views and so many pages

    But maybe everything will take a turn from the better and what happened recently will be a lesson for improvement ( including for us the players ).

  • Naru2008Naru2008 ✭✭✭✭
    LordXenon wrote: »
    Honestly, after this whole mess, I need to ask: What the hell do EME employees do for most of their work day? Tickets are unanswered, it takes you 8+ days to get an announcement out, there are many unresolved issues from months past still hanging in the air, etc. The only thing I see come out are occasional forum posts and announcements for events, as well as them deleting posts when they need to do damage control. That's about it.

    On rare chances, tickets get out of queue. If it's been longer than 3 business days, unless you're told to wait, then wait up to 5-7 business days. I've always gotten a response within 2-3 business days. Half of the people complaining are people who are just upset they aren't getting 24-hour response times, and they over-exaggerate. I hope you're not one of them.
  • ItzMiraiItzMirai Portugal ✭✭✭
    Sometimes I really wish I could personally talk to some EME staff.. Just to understand what are their thought and perspectives on some things...
  • "3hero : Where are the anti-proxy sheep calling everyone a cheater now? omegaLul"

    I hate people like you. One most of proxy complainers have stop caring because a lot of proxy players have left or quit. Also we do not care that much to be typing a storm after 2 weeks. or at least most of us. People need realize that majority of actual proxy complainers are from PvP community. Proxy most of the time help PvE but it is not the same for pvp and kill the experience. I think it is funny that people saying the proxy complainer are whiner and just people care too much. But then look at yourself. You come here most of you saying quit the game or move to eu tera NA dead. A couple posts have some players saying they don't like proxy but then look at so many of these messages from proxy lover. Every other message from a proxy player is extremely derogatory(not saying it is unjustified) towards people who debate them and refuse to see another perspective but hypocritically that is exactly what they are asking from others and eme. If you want the community support then stop being [filtered] and act like 10 year old who lost their candy. So many message are just hardcore flame toward other players who say they do not like proxy and say it is unfair. A good part of these proxy lover act like if you don't agree with us then you are [filtered]. Even though a lot of people who don't use proxy have been trying to understand your perspective, but you do not try at all to see the other side.

    English not main language and i do not use proxy. I have Canada friend help me write this.

    People understand that if you want the community support try not being like @3Hero . There are so good people like @Saabi try to explain and I read it and understand as outside, sadly a good portion of the salty proxy players overwhelm constructive messages and represent proxy players as a whole badly.

    Yes it is important to get EME to hear and understand but it is also good to convince the whole community and people who don't know the situation why proxy is important for you. If I just click forum I see many posts saying game is dead and just crying.
  • Starkhoe wrote: »
    It is as I have said along time ago: when all is said and done, even the smart ones and the people who are truly helpful cannot change this level of powerlessness at the face of the possible consequences of taking action against proxies. Isn't that right, Counterpoint? ;)

    Honestly, I find your calling me out like this for a statement made 14 months ago kind of creepy. I don't need to be used as some weird pawn in this childish "look at how powerful we are for making EME kneel" posturing, and you could have made your point just as well without it. I hope that they develop an actual solution that addresses the problem one way or another. That's all I want to worry about right now.
  • KitTeaCup wrote: »
    Following yesterday’s statement, we have received a lot of questions regarding the ongoing use of proxy relative to our terms of service.

    Our stance is summarized below:

    We are not actively seeking out players who use proxy and other third-party mods to improve their gameplay experience. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy playing TERA fairly. Monitoring streams to identify players who are using DPS meters or UI mods to ban them is not a regular part of our day-to-day.

    That said, we remain committed to addressing reports of cheating and abuse facilitated by third-party programs. Using third-party mods remains in violation of our Terms Of Service, and we reserve the right to ban any player purely for their use of ANY unofficial mod, particularly if we deem such use to be abusive or result in any kind of unfair play. If you choose to use third-party programs, you do so at the risk of your En Masse account being banned.

    We remain dedicated to pursuing long-term and official solutions to the beneficial features provided by popular third-party mods to eliminate this grey area in the future and provide an improved experience for our players (as outlined in yesterday’s message).

    I know it should not be easy, but TERA was working so well, I play since free to play. Over time the game demanded a computer with better requirements to play it and a better connection, it is clear that it is poorly optimized, and the third-party programmers were only trying to help. In Latin America the community is great, at least the friends and we want to continue playing and if possible to support in some way. We need a clear answer, not the classic one: "we are working to improve in the future". We saw that posted from always. Seriously, we want to support and although it is a critical moment for TERA, I believe that as players, third-party programmers and even EME we can bring this great game to the surface. Please a clear and concrete answer, show progress even if it is not enough, know that something is done, and not only is the classic answer to reassure the players.
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