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    I cannot find anyone online on NA, there is absolutely nobody to do content with the game is deader than ever. Everyone I know has quit.

    Enmasse arent going to do anything about the proxy situation. Absolutely zero communication from them apart from 'we told bluehole'. Theres so few people I can't even find dungeon runs for mid tiers. All my friends have left for other games. Apex 2 brought no players back to the game. Its deader than ever and we only has a server merge last month. I'm sad that I've lost so many friends because of enmasse's dumb decisions.
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    26 Oct nothing happen to the game.
    Ty mEME for destroying the game. Both caali and pinkie already try to contact u and give a solution to fix the game problem with client prediction, fps utils. Reduce the annoying ping tax.
    Tell u what mEME most online game have build in client side prediction only this game don't have it.

    This is my last comment I had enough with ur BS and I won't comments or give any suggestions anymore.

    Yes u can delete this because most of this comments is offensive or ban me I'm not going back anyway.

    Ty for destroying this game
    And ty for proxies dev keeping the game alive.
  • EG7KDLX376 wrote: »
    Tell u what mEME most online game have build in client side prediction only this game don't have it.

    Tera does have client side prediction, it's just not very sophisticated.

    Here is how I understand it
    Only 1 action may be stacked (without a reception packet) at any given time
    The client needs to get back a reception packet from the preceding action before a new action can be stacked.


    Client will allow actions A and B to be initiated in quick succession, but C cannot be initiated until a reception packet for A is returned.

    Theoretically... This should not cause an issue if the animation time for 2 actions is greater then the ping time, except that it for some (deeply mysterious) reason it does with certain classes and skills. Slayer used to be almost perfect for me as an Australian player and then Apex came along and the same chain sequence I'd been using for 6 years no longer worked properly. I eventually discovered that it had something to do with having other players around.

    I think it's the lancer skills spring attack after debilitate (pretty sure this is what I'm thinking of) that doesn't chain properly with a high ping for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. I suspect the devs intended for it to only chain if debilitate actually connected and then it got changed or something and some of the original code remained or something like that.

    Another super annoying thing is position is only updated periodically and when you use a skill.

    I'd be curious about some sort of per 2 per packet checking or time stamping method, but it's probably too complicated.

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    While i moved to EU a few weeks ago i kept my eye on NA hoping EME would do or at least say something about the matter and even Tera/NA as a whole but sadly i see that there are only some (empty?) Promises and vage ish answers and still very crappy events (yes thats important)

    All i can say is... "when is the funeral?"
  • EME my only tip to you is make character transfer between publishers available! Everyone will thank you for it!
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    lucase wrote: »
    EME my only tip to you is make character transfer between publishers available! Everyone will thank you for it!

    i think if your wanting to leave they arnt going to care about your thanks
    so at that I cant see them assisting you to transfer at their expense nor gameforge assisting either as theyd make nothing out of it either
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    EME if you care for your players you will update us often as possible.
    This thread have 1K replies and 86.6K views just to check the progress but no reply on your part.
    All you can update are the events that is not making sense because we cant find party on any dungeons not like before we can LF and IM fast.

    Hope you are doing something and reply a solution not a promises that no definite timeline. :anguished:
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    OMEGALUL, another great event for NA player.


  • Kira98 wrote: »
    OMEGALUL, another great event for NA player.




    Seriously EME? How desperate can you guys get?
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    eu does the second one every week
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    TJukuren wrote: »
    Kira98 wrote: »
    OMEGALUL, another great event for NA player.



    Seriously EME? How desperate can you guys get?


    to be honest I should've expected something like this happening but...200$...on something that amounts to around 4 months of elite (im assuming its a monthly payment) and 3 mounts that most players who would pay for this would already have.

  • > @metagame said:
    > eu does the second one every week

    Eu can seemingly afford to do so without angering people, since everything in the game sans cosmetics appears to be so cheap.
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    sad thing even if you are still playing on EU you are still Supporting BHS that clearly doesnt give a flying duck about their customers.
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    Kids who pull off things that skilled players would normally need knowledge to do but instead install add-ons because they have zero motivation to actually learn things and instead profit off of the work and understanding of others, then scream and throw a fit and act like it's the worst thing a company has ever done even though this is the second or third major throwdown that quite frankly only really happens when add-ons start to get really out of control, enjoy your EU, you won't be missed.

    Some of you have a point that can and should be compromised with. I don't believe EME has an obligation to international players, but as a majority of its long time players have come as refugees from international places, support can only be a good thing generally. I'm sorry but you're just not gonna convince me that you are justified in being angry that you downloaded a game full well knowing you had 200 ping and will always have 200 ping, and have knowledge of both a program that compensates for this and it's legality in game, only for it to be torn down later. If I were an NA player forced to play on EU, and there was proxy drama everywhere, my first thought isn't let me risk my account so I can try to be competitive.

    What is publicly given out and sold, let's be honest, is just too much, and EME cannot control that middle ground, it never could, even with a collaboration, at least not for a long time. Three weeks is not long enough to code, test, and deploy a completely new working ping compensation, the people who have explicitly complained about this in citing this time frame are people who are clearly just complaining because their toy stopped working and they don't have the knowledge or motivation to fix it themselves. It's the equivalent of forming your opinions around facebook news and then voicing that warped opinion.

    I feel that this excerpt correctly states most of my issues with the 'ping compensation' we've been given.

    It's just too much, we can all agree that it's not perfect and isn't a AAA game ping compensation add-on, that completely replaces low ping, however, there is no recourse for ping tax advantage staggers, retaliates, basically any PvP balance, and I don't have a direct quote or anything but it's been said many times that developers don't support or didn't at one point support its use in PvP, but here we are. I feel that the current usage of SP, let alone the add-ons that are as easy as drag and drop in many cases, give too much control to one type of player, and is a zero sum game. I actively hope that one day a balance can be struck where compensation is given as needed and not an imbalanced mess to give you the largest advantage possible for the most amount of money possible. Unfortunately, a large part of that blame falls on the community and their max gains, in my opinion.

    Finally, there has been a lower population since the original incident, but I find it to be a flat out lie to say there are even less than after the awakening patch than there were before. Main guilds are still filling up as quickly as they get spots, most if not all of the top 10 guilds have minimum half a raid if not a full raid or even up to three or four. I find this to be far more relieving than the FIHM forever March, when these guilds were DYING for members. It was one of the only points I could look at the recruits of the top two or three guilds and say damn they recruited THAT (those) guy(s)? Damn, they must be hurting. Personally, I think that those who wanted to keep using third party add-ons, found a way to use them anyway, as there was at least one announced shortly after the DMCA announcement, and probably more, probably a whole bunch of forks. I feel that EME has already shown that it wants to back off from explicitly destroying forms of ping compensation and cannot reverse what it's already done. I feel that we would have already had bans or a reiteration of third party being a bannable offense at this point if they were doubling down.

    There was once a time where this game did not have widespread third party add ons, and people lived with it, that time has long passed and people have become accustomed to it. If, magically, all third party were to disappear, it would certainly create a ruckus, but eventually newer players would become the older players and different rules would once again apply. People leave for EU or in general who were top spots but others replace them. I honestly stopped recommending this game to my friends a couple years ago because I am afraid they might get invested in to a game that may have no content future, but again and again I'm surprised at (albeit copy pasted mostly) content updates, and no shortage of newer players who are in FM and willing to drop $200-500 to be end game asap.

    Hopefully this will turn a few heads, but quite frankly looking at the last few pages of this thread, it just seems like a place to keep the people who specifically want to flame at this point, so I might just be wasting my keys.
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