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Recent DMCA Takedowns of Third-Party Programs - Discussion [Updated: November 8th]

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  • just gimme a built in DPS counter and im good
  • DMCAs have legal effect when a 3rd party is making use of assets with copyright property, not under false allegations of 3rd party programs that make no use whatsoever of copyrighted assets, code, etc. If that was LEGAL, media player applications (MPC, GOM, AIMP, Winamp, etc) would get DMCAs because people are using them to play ripped Mp3, mkv, wma files of copyrighted media.
  • Why not make a dps meter? For the sole benefit of the players who like to track their progress and improve statistically?
    You have been following in the footsteps of Blade and Soul in some aspects, so why not add a meter, which even Blade and Soul do?
  • I would like to know what will happen now in the future. As far I've seen every friend I made here are leaving.
    Its been years dealing with my ping due location, also with enough computer to run any game in Ultra cant play tera with decent fps.
    I kindly ask you or any staff member.. what's left for us?
  • Many mmorpgs have 3rd party api support, maybe resort to outside help?
    Well even if you don't try your best ^^ But honestly, improvement needs to take place, for the sake of the players and solely for the comfort of the players.
  • I for one would like to see EME or even BHS work with the devs of some of these tools to take the more quality of life aspects of them and turn it into an official release of some kind.
    This would, conveniently, also eliminate the potential for it to be used as more than a quality of life tool (ie hacking/cheating).

    Many of us would like to see xigncode removed. Even if it's not harmful to anyone's system (which it may be), it causes most of us an increase in ping and a drop in fps which is detrimental to playing an action-combat based game well.
  • if we had same ping I will call that "fair enugh"...
  • DvsvDvsv ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    EME, can you please remove "Boas Compras" as EMP payment method for Brazilian players cuz you cleary don't want that (and MANY more) demographic playing on you server?
    And why the heck you guys even advertise your service to BR players?

    And a tip: Consider an IP block for any players outside NA (or even within NA) that play with more than 80 ms ping, cuz you can't provide an acceptable gaming experience and at the same time you don't want third parties to make the game playable for that playerbase.

    I'm pretty sure NA Tera will be healthy with only players from Chicago ;)

    Or if you wanna a "really constructive feedback:" Tell BHS to make a built in DPS meter and to TEST their game on a higher than 120 ms ping envirioment and create a built-in skill predictor that works only for PVE, that way you solve EVERY problem for every player and nobody gonna need third party stuff anymore.
    The chances of that happening is close to zero cuz BHS doesn't even care for anything outside k-tera and theirs 20 ms ping.

    Thank you!
  • For low ping and other qol stuff, proxy is used. There are people whom abuse it, but the vast majority of the playerbase who do use third party programs simply use it to actually be able to play this game. For some, the game in its current state is simply unplayable, and that became even more apparent thanks to xigncode. I think your efforts to remove third party programs make sense, but the better solution is to put more effort in fixing the things that need to be fixed in order to make players not want or need to use such programs. Make TERA great again.
  • Have you tried reaching out to the mod developers themselves and telling them exactly what the problems are? How far you go to enforce your ToS is entirely up to your discretion.
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