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You did it your way Enmasse.



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    First, before I start, kudos to that gem of a statement you've got there. Making assumptions of the entire player base just because you're upset AND you can't string together a single sentence with proper grammar? I'm in awe.

    Veteran player here, playing from eastern Canada. Like way-out kind of east. Ping is between 40-60ms, though some days it dips even lower. Never used a proxy in my life, and don't bother with DPS meters. Can say the same with my guild - most of whom are also veterans - who've never touched a proxy and also don't use DPS meters. They're scattered across the states playing on high end PCs, potato PCs, etc. All have good ping. Some of us have spent an absurd amount of money on this game, some of us have spent fifty bucks since beta, but we're all fairly loyal to Tera.

    We're still all playing and will continue to play, so I guess your statement (if you can even call it that) is wrong.
    HMU if you need help putting a cohesive reply together though.

    Ive read your post and im 100 % sure you arent one of the top players nor can put a HM dungeon on a farm / clear it even. Id be very suprised if or your friends are either one of those. Most likely just casuals getting carried by top players. Good luck with that after there is none left

    REEE I clear AAHM with proxy / cheat thus others must be doing the same, there's no way they can do without it because I'm the best.

    REEE I beat myself off to my stats on moongourd because that's the only way I can feel superior to others.

    REEE If you cannot clear HM contents don't even bother playing Tera you filthy casual.

    That's what I heard from you.

    Cleared AAH without proxy and cheats no problems. With 200 ping.
    I stoped doing parse runs long time ago. MG logs dont interest me, but yes I am competitive and I do like feeling superior compared to others.
    If you cant clear HM content then you shouldnt be posting about hardships / whats happening on this game, period. Because you dont really play the game, because half of the dungeons that are low level dont matter because the stress of running it and wiping it is dumped down to minimum, and yes, that -does- make you a filthy casual that does -not- play the game. Unless all you do is PVP, respectively. Or you joined the game for roleplaying experience.
    Anything else?

    "If you don't play the game according to these very specific parameters, you're trash and are wasting everyone's time."

    Attitudes like this are part of why the community is the rotting tire fire it is now.

    You know, just thought I'd point that out.
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