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VPN are allowed or not?



  • Norafin wrote: »
    why would a vpn help with ping?
    Ping refers to the time a bit of data (which is a physical object in the form of an electric impulse) to travel from your PC to the server.
    A VPN is simply a server you connect to, which then connects to where you want to connect to, routing your traffic through the VPN server.
    Your data still has to travel from one point to another, if anything a VPN makes ping worse.

    Because it can route you around bad nodes. Like, if your traffic is being directed through a certain congested city, or perhaps is going the long way around from country to country before getting to Chicago, a VPN can put a point in the middle that coerces the traffic to go a different way, and thus help your ping. But, certainly, the wrong choice of VPN can make it worse. The reason most of the Gaming VPNs exist is because they make it a point to figure out which routes tend to (usually) have the lowest ping times to the popular gaming server locations.
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