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Keep Getting Disconnected from the Server and Stuttering

I just downloaded TERA today and I am trying to play it, but I cannot get past character creation because I keep getting disconnected from the server and taken back to server selection. I know this has been posted before, but I cannot post a reply to it, so I started a new one. I hope the info I put here is helpful.

As for the stuttering (I think that is what it is called -- it's like watching a movie with only 1 frame every second) I have set the graphic settings as low as possible and it helps with the stutter in the opening, but since I cannot get past the character creation, I don't know how good a fix it is. I have yet to find a way to turn off VSync, which was another suggestion. And someone said to set the game to use dual or quad core CPU because it acts like you have only one (they said to add a line for it to the S1Engine.ini file). And to set in the S1Engine.ini to "AllowD3D10=True" but I do not want to go messing around in there as much as possible.
Anyway, I would appreciate any help or suggestions (other than getting a better computer) any of you can give me to make the game run smother.

As for the disconnect, I found this on the web about the issue:

I have yet to try it because I haven't got out of character creation yet, but it may help you. I have switched the computer from LAN cable to Wi-Fi to see if that was the problem, but it is not. I have shut down all internet uses I could and still it happens. I read that many players in NA, Asia, and Europe have the same problem, so it is not just me. If this solves the problem, I will post a reply. If any of you know another or better way, please let me know.

Can't wait to start playing, if only I can get into the game without a server disconnect. Thank you.


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    Ummmm do you want to try making a character really fast ? without any modifications to appearance just make a default character with race, gender, class, and your username. try that and see if you can get past the character creation screen. afterwards, you'll be needing an appearance voucher and again, try not to take too much time.

    The whole point is to take the shortest time possible during character creation .. i might be wrong but i'm assuming that it builds some memory leak from it so best to make it fast. i've also had this issue as well, since i'm a sliders fanatic and i had to make my first character as subjectively amazing as possible. so for my first character, i took about 40-60 minutes and guess what .. i got disconnected. the next time i did it i was faster than before but not fast enough so a second disconnect occurred. third time i decided i should take note of my sliders before completing, assuming that i was going to disconnect. well i very well did disconnect and on my fourth attempt i was successful; i chose my race, gender, class, and made quick slider adjustments due to my notes and i was able to finally create my first character.

    Hope this helps.
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    For the disconnection while creating a character, it is because your router is set to close and open connections very aggressively, and TERA's character creator doesn't take any action against the server while you're in there. So as a result, while you're adjusting the character parameters, your router breaks the connection between you and the server, causing the disconnect. This is something BHS could fix (by adding something that keeps the connection alive while in there), but for now, the workaround is as described: spend some time experimenting with the settings you want, write them down, and then go in and create the character quickly with the saved settings. You can also try altering your character's name periodically, as this makes a call to the server.

    For the slow framerate, if you are on a laptop or certain other configurations, it's possible that the game wasn't detected properly and is going to your built-in graphics card instead of your dedicated graphics card. The options related to this can be found in your Nvidia/AMD settings utility, and should be able to find instructions by searching the web. You may have to force it to have TERA go to your dedicated graphics card, which should at least help. TERA does still have framerate problems regardless, but should not be nearly as bad as you describe.
  • First, I followed the video and created a quick disposable PC, got into the game, and spent several minutes trying to figure out how to get back to the server screen or select character screen. When I got back to the server selection, I created a new PC np and deleted the old test one. But I like the old test one so much I decided to make her again with some tweeks and a good name. That was when it disconnected me again. I did get my first keep PC done because I had gotten used to it and remembered what I wanted, but the second PC was from scratch and that was when it DC'd me. I will take your suggestions and apply them -- thanks for it! Btw, the fix on the video may work for being in the game, but after doing the trick it said to try, I still got DC'd in the PC creation anyway.

    As for the slow framerate, I checked my graphics card and found I didn't have a NVIDIA one (I thought I had). I have a Radeon X1330/X1550 series. It came with the computer when I got it second-hand from a business sale of old equipment. I like it because it has dual screens and I can play a game on one and see the Wikis for it on the other screen. I will check out about getting a better one for the game. The problem may be that I have an AMD 64x2 Dual Core instead of a Quad core, but that will cost a pretty penny for a new system. Any suggestions on the game setting I can make to play it now will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you both for your replies! Happy adventures in TERA to y'all!
  • As a followup, I was trying to learn the UI after logging in a PC and was Server DC'd again. I think it may be due to other programs running in the background (like when Chrome does a page update). If this continues, I will not be able to continue the game.
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