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[CLOSED] Ryu's Commissions on Velika

Hiya, I’m Ryuko.Kun from Velika. I’m here to offer you all some commissions! I do both traditional art (mainly pencil and ink) and digital art, although I’ve decided to offer everyone traditional art first, as it is my first time doing any commissions and because of that I just want to go a bit easier on myself. This also explains so few slots, I’ll come back with more slots if I end up enjoying doing commissions though! All the rules, samples, prices and such are listed below. If you have more questions, as well as want to request a commission of course, please contact me on Discord (Username: heathenly#8180).

- I take payment in PayPal and gold (check out the pricelist below). The cash/gold prices may vary depending on the gold/cash conversion.
- If you’ll pay me with gold or PayPal - I would like half of the payment to be delivered to me after I get the initial sketch done and send it to you. When I’m completely done with the piece - I would like to get the rest of the payment.
- Be patient please, art takes time. I give myself a deadline of a few weeks, if everything goes smoothly on my end (which usually does) you’ll most likely get the piece done within a week or less however.
- I will constantly keep in touch with you and update you on the progress or inform you in case the process will take a bit longer.
- I will need reference pictures of your character(s). I will need a front and side shot. Eventually a weapon reference as well if you want me to include it in the piece.
- I have the right to decline any commission for whatever reason.
- I would appreciate artistic freedom, meaning that I can tweak or modify traits of your character(s). Don’t worry, I won’t make your character look completely different than on the original reference pictures! If there are any feautures that you’d like me to strictly keep (if there’s any specific pose you’d like me to use, or any details in the clothing/appearance and such) then please let me know.

What I CAN draw:
- Female Castanics, Elves, Humans, as well as Elins
- Pin-up/”Cheesecake” poses
- NSFW/Ecchi
- Front and/or ¾ shots
- Weapons (as long as they’re not too complicated)
- Soft gore (a.k.a. a bit of blood here and there, simple scars and wounds)

What I will NOT draw (either because I lack the skill or simply don’t want to draw it for whatever reason):
- Elins in any sexual setting (revealing clothing, seductive poses, etc.)
- Dynamic poses and scenes
- Complicated armor
- Amanis, Poporis and Barakas
- Chibi
- Side and back shots
- Males
- Porn
- Gore
- Pets and mounts
- Advanced backgrounds (like nature, landscapes and such)

Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

The prices are per character. The prices in gold depend on the current USD-to-gold conversions.
- Headshot: 6 USD
- Waist-up: 9 USD
- Thigh-up: 13 USD
- Full body: 16 USD
- Weapon: + 2 USD
- Inking: Headshot/Waist-up/Thigh-up/Full body subtract 2 USD = price of an inked version. Same goes for the weapon’s price. (Example: let’s say you request an inked version of a full body drawing, the price will then be $16 + $14)

Check out the diagram below!
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