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Lustrous Federation Crate

A good start... but why temporary? This must be a permanent cash shop item and perhaps lower in price. We’re STARVING for talents.

And you could give us tokens (dropped from dungeons) like EU does that allows us to easily get some talents (and mats)

Talent Strongboxes should also be heavily buffed and junk items removed completely so that it ONLY gives talents—like EU boxes


  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    If it was perm people would be like "lul copying GF xd"
  • This is NOT how you make your dwindling player base come back or stay...
    Add a fix to the issue that is NOT tied to the cash shop please -_-

    Taking one step forward and two steps back seems to be your adopted motto as of late EME...
  • It was cause the event, how you can’t ignore a 100% chance in frosmetal, is too good
  • I mean, this loot box is fine tbh. IF it comes with additional sources of talents in-game as well. I have to wonder at this point, will they ever understand just how talent-starved the community has been for months on end? :/
  • So instead of adjusting the drop in game, it is now tie to cash shop. Nice.
  • Why not bring back the old chance on loot boxes bg?
    It was 50-150 silver or golden talent.
  • PwhoopsPwhoops ✭✭✭
    Anyone that has been playing for a long time or knows EME should have seen this coming.

    There’s not a single time they have given enchantment success and not tried to profit out of it with p2w lootboxes.

    If you want your players to come back stop the grind, increase the talent drop from dungeons, increase the amount of talents the locked boxes give, add them to specific vanguard quests (like the SSHM tokens), add them to the delver coin shop, etc etc

    Stop the Korean grind, NA has never been known for liking a grindy playstyle...
  • Probably a sign that the game is coming to an end. When the answer to every problem is cash shop...probably time to jump ship.
  • Life would've been easier if they didn't nerf the pvp reward chests down to 25 talents max. I was hoping they'd at least add double IoD rewards this week to help the talent drought before the 16th but i'm not surprised that they're trying to take advantage and make a quick buck from the people racing to upgrade their gear before the 16th. Gold talents in EU are 10-12g.. looking at the prices on the NA broker I can understand why everyone's making the move (other than the third party issue ofc).
  • zenpiaxzenpiax ✭✭✭
    Players have been complaining and demanding from EME to solve the talents scarcity for months but instead of listening to the feedback and outcry of the community by adding ways to farm talents through content in game, EME decided to just sell it in the cash shop. More greedy business tactics as they are trying to milk the remaining players here in NA. Decisions like this make it even more clear EME doesn't care about the state of the game as long as they can make a quick buck. Adding to this the fact that their last update to the proxy shitstorm was utterly vague, with no real weight to anything that was wrote in that post. It was the usual "Your feedback has been passed to BHS, but this time is URGENT." No solutions were discuss in the post for any of the issues. EME just want us to wait and as we wait forget about all of the proxy debacle that they created. Because deep inside they know the solutions will not come through. Their strategy going forward will be to keep what is left of the community with pay to have fun, fast cash grabs stuff like this talents crates and the gem crates. The community outcry is meaningless, EME clearly doesn't care. They are just trying to see how long they can keep making profit out of what is left in Tera NA before shutting down. So my best advice is to stop giving EME any money and quit the game, if you still want to play Tera just go play on the EU servers.
  • Margarethe wrote: »
    First make talents scarce for months, thus drying the market and increasing prices.
    Then give players the option to pay for them with money.
    Devious and profitable.

    What if... I were to put the talent market in a dry state thus rising the prices up, and then put up a loot box that gives talents, darics, and plates months after to make players swipe for it!

    Ohohoho, how delightfully devilish EME.
  • So instead of adjusting the drop in game, it is now tie to cash shop. Nice.

    And what funny is alot of player will still buy those boxes so the few here that don't like well EME still gonna make some dollars from this. sad sad.
  • "We heard that you wanted more talents so we put them in the cash shop" -EME
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