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Apex Stream Feedback - Request! (October 19th stream)

Hi everyone!

Thanks to those that watched the stream today. I learned a lot from doing this and I'm excited to keep moving forward with it!

If you could be so kind as to give me some pointers on what you'd like to see more of/less of - I'd love to hear it! I want to keep this going with Apex, and then maybe move on to do other types of streams like this! I want to give the spotlight to the players and have you all share your expertise with me and our viewers :D

Things I'm working on improving for the next stream:
- Audio differences from recordings to live
- PVE Camera angles - how to show off dem skillz off better

I look forward to what you all have to say!

(pls be nice about your feedback!)


  • Ok so I have a few things I would say to make the streams better. These are things I've seen the community talk about quite a bit on discord since the stream.

    Most importantly, play the class yourself, learn with the person that is showing off the class. People were memeing how you were playing lancer on a stream that was meant to show off ninja. Playing the class whilst being taught is how it was done back with Tonka and Spacecats, and it worked much better than yesterday's stream did. Problem I've seen a lot of people say is that they could not see the the ninja skills being shown off most the time. Playing the class yourself with the person showing it off teaching you would be better because it would show it off from a first person perspective which would eliminate the problem of having to try get good camera angles and would actually teach the community something about the class, the viewers would be able to see the skills and know which ones they are instead of trying to guess from whatever skill animation it is. I can link a couple of the old Tonka/Spacecats streams so you get what I'm talking about, back when they did their class guide streams they were on the highlighted class being taught how to play it by a player.

    Second thing I've seen alot of people say is that someone with a better knowledge of the class should have been taken. The person you chose to teach you was getting alot of stuff wrong, such as the rotation. After the stream a lot of the people on the ninja discord were saying it was wrong rotation, information and that the stream made their class look bad and that this was another step back for eme's communication with the community for showing the class in such a poor way.
    The guy that actually wrote the ninja guide, has played ninja for years, runs the top dungeons contacted you but was for some reason turned down. He would have been a much better choice to take, the information from him would have been more accurate and correct. The person you took had been playing ninja for two days, the person who you should have taken had been playing ninja since it came out, there is going to be a vast difference in knowledge from just that alone.

    So in short.
    Play the class that is being showed off with the player thats teaching/showing off
    Take a player that has better knowledge of the class.

    This feedback may not seem positive, but this is what I've complied from how alot of people in the community feel. I've tried to make it as constructive as possible.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Picking someone seems like an area where the player council could be very helpful. You could even have more than one expert remoting in.

    Although might be wise to meet with them briefly before the stream to reconcile any disagreements on rotations, glyphs etc. So the disagreements don't happen live.

    Not that they have to agree on everything, because then they can explain their different reasons, which is also cool to hear.

    There are big differences between how you play Ninja at lower levels, pre-awakened, and approaching end game content. PvP vs PvE. Solo monster hunter or only doing dungeon runs. Getting to hear the top players explain what they do to make the class more effective for different things and at different stages of leveling and gearing would definitely interest me.

    Provide links in the video description for the most recommended sources of information if you can.

    Anyway those are my thoughts for whatever they might be worth.
    edited October 2018
    Play a gunner so you can be the one that calls the shots? xD

    Actually, what about playing a priest for the start since it is pretty easy to heal with it so you can be a part of the group then move up to other classes over time but use normal gear as in +3SC or +7SC depending on the dungeon so players that are watching will not feel that you are getting gear carried with some sort of absurd Oath but instead you are clearing with your own effort making them to respect you? I think that it would be nice overall to see the CM engaging more with the community up to the point where to even do some dungeons on stream now and then as an actual player but with different classes to change the point of view and add more diversity ( might as well do some games and try to chill as for example hide and seek games hiding in a city and giving decent but random rewards chosen by a roulette that you cannot control to the first three or five players that would find you ).

    Play with us.

    Be one of us.
  • edited October 2018
    This has been said countless times but my feedback is: level up a toon from scratch and try to get SC+0 if you know what that is... and feel our pain. Learn rotations and learn about the game. If are trying to not suck at this game, people will accept you more.

    Also, you can give away some codes with free stuff (pots, keys, TERA reward credits, temp. costumes...) like our previous CM did.
    edited October 2018

    Not a good thing to see on stream.

    Also the people wanting Jack to be on the stream, that guy was pushing to wanting to discuss about proxy on the stream even though there's no point of even bringing it up which is why EME made the decision not to have him on stream. If he just shuts up about it and not try to be a quirky showoff, he would have been on stream just fine. His loss for his behavior.

    Also. it feels too early to be making awakening 2 videos. Give them more time to adjust and find more ways to explain and experience...
  • XandervbXandervb ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    Hi! I am an old Tera player who have left shortly after first proxy drama. I've been periodically checking out forums looking for a sign of improvement from publisher that may push me to come back. And your stream is one of very few that gave me hope, good job!

    I mean, it wasn't a great stream but it was a huge step in right direction. Since past-Tonka CMs had no clue on how to run endgame content, I was longing to see a stream where CM joins a party of veterans and gets guided through a particular dungeon on voice chat (ofc they can't burn the boss in 30s for that). It would be amazing! I'm sure these would make a great guides that we can refer less seasoned players to (guides on YT are great but often too brief and difficult to memorize in one sitting).

    I'm pretty sure it would also be a huge morale boost for community that feels misunderstood by CM that does not play the game, even on casual level. It was indeed a little disappointing to see you clueless about what's inside KC (which has been entry-level dungeon for years), saying stuff like "I've heard DSU is the hardest" (it is, but a person responsible for game events should know stuff like dungeon tiers and requirements by heart; imagine guy at Ferrari dealership saying "I was told these are sport cars"). I've also noticed stuff like you stepping outside the blue circle, it was painful to watch you die on such univeral, basic mechanic. I understand that point of your stream was to show ninja, not run content - but if you indeed planned just to watch you could've always trigger godmode.

    But as I said, keep going! These streams are a great opportunity for you to get familiar with ingame content and bond with the community at the same time. As mentioned before, I'd suggest picking priest and going duo heal with other mystic (1 tank, 2 DPS, 2 healers party) - priest are one of the sturdiest class, very intuitive and great for streams since you can see what everyone is doing and how are they dealing with certain mechanics (as opposed to DPS who see just the boss's back most of the time and are too focused on rotation to talk and show stuff).

    You may not be Tonka who gave PvP advices during his streams, but since he's gone a large part of community is craving for a sign that community manager actually cares about ingame content. So, that kind of stream appeals to both newbies (see dungeons and learn to run them) and veterans (sending a message that EME tries to learn their game).

    I also appreciate that you finally had the courage to party with actual players. I know people are always going to say "why didn't you invite X who is far better at this" but seriously, I've been there and a good portion of these OP guys may start riting or shouting "inappriopriate things" in the middle of the stream or randomly memeslash just for lulz. I know that most of them are honorable and would stay cool from start to end, but it's really hard to say when you are an outsider. Remember that one time when EME did co-op with "trusted veteran players" and they used leaked exchange rates info to crash the market instead? I understand EME being extra cautious even if it not means choosing most qualified person for the job.
  • Not sure if this would help on next stream..
    But if u type /inspect [character name] , the person's equipment window will show up, and if you are within range, your third person camera will latch on the person. U can simply close the equipment window, and the camera will still follow the 'inspected person' until either you press movement/skill button or the person left the range... or if u die.

    Or, u could use a gm account, go invisible, and just hang around at guardian legion high tier mission. People spam their new apex skills there all the time. Especially at the super guardian legion place. But there would be so many people there.. might be hard to focus on one class..

    Though its much easier if u use your own character, but some class may require u to know how to play. For example like reaper, their apex skill is part of the rotation. While classes like ninja or gunner, they need to pile up on chi or willpower, before u can showcase their apex skills.
  • KhernzKhernz ✭✭✭
    Why are you just staring doing nothing? Did you think all the [filtered] you got lately for not having a clue on how to play was so that WE can learn how to play? Play the [filtered] game.
  • can you make yourself invincible or something? I feel like it was so distracting with you dying all the time and having the res popups blocking the ninja we were meant to be watching.
  • ItzMiraiItzMirai Portugal ✭✭✭
    > @Khernz said:
    > Why are you just staring doing nothing? Did you think all the [filtered] you got lately for not having a clue on how to play was so that WE can learn how to play? Play the [filtered] game.

    Im not sure if you forgot but there ARE new players who don't know the game. And what's wrong with her streaming her progress in learning? It's something, actual content that we have been asking for. It is also a beginning, who knows where EME cpuld go with these streams.. That's why they are asking for actual feedback.

    It may not be what you want but you don't have to watch, at least shows some initial kind of interest in the game from their part..

    But fr, please refrain from these kind of unhelpful comments and actually give proper feedback for everyone's gain... Smh
  • A good idea is use CM commands and Spawn a monsters around Tera world , not just a city or dugen, similar to guardian mission ones, then invite people skilled or non skilled to show skills, class powers, guides etc.

    To avoid unauthorized behavior Hide UI and other players chat. Then you can get full streaming events control .

    Also will be cool social media prizes or contest, some people is very creative an have beautiful characters or creative ones. Highwatch or Velika is a good place to start with creative contest.

    For the apex part will be also cool to see the difference, some kind of “before and after”, to show new players the difference of apex class vs normal one.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    A stream is one thing. But if we want to properly show off a set of skills from the new apex, I feel it would have been best to actually produce a real video with the skills and explanations as a sort of detailed description video. So to those expecting that, there would be a main source to see it. While those wanting to hang back on the stream they could do just that unhindered.

    I didn't watch the stream nor the resulting video from it, but from what I'm reading here, the CM is still learning the game. This can be used to show newbies how the game is being learned and how progression is done, instead of just having a pro with maxed gear telling you to do this or that thing, while playing in a perfect environment where all of the party works with utter perfection and are as pros and as maxed as such a person. I really prefer to see people building themselves up instead of an almighty super player....
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Watching that ninja hurted my soul.
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    I don't agree with learning rotations from the outset; that could lead to information overload, not to mention that doing optimal skill rotations is an intermediate/advanced tactic anyway. I like speed-runs as much as the next person, but expecting (and demanding) that of a new(ish) player is asking too much.

    That said, I think the "fish out of water" approach is good. You're getting firsthand knowledge both on what it's like to have no f**king clue on how the game works while also being able to see the community with your own eyes (and like everything else, there's a rainbow of players to come across). Also, you get to see how... odd the game is at certain junctions.
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