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Why is sync que still a thing in BG?

Couldn't you just make everyone go in random teams? Why should the same group of people win CS or FWC 10 times in a row?...
Here you can't say sh*t like "git gud" because the other team gets the random players, some that are good and some that are useless, and the other team is full of people prepared to win every single time


  • I heard its only NA that abuses this system, so its going to be hard to convince BHS to code a little to fix this.

    But I agree.
  • Ah, you must've been on queue last night.

    Big RIP
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    It really amuses me how the queue system is so dumb that it fills one team 1st and THEN the other.
    It would take no more than freaking interleave the queuing players, and solved. No more sync.

    I can agree with a friend wanting to play with another one, but full teams that farm that or possibly even feeder teams ready, is just stupid.

    Wonder how long it will take for people to come here and be like "What is impeding you from sync queue as well to win???", "Just git gud and win against all the premades with your bunch of randoms or the feeder team as your ally", "It's not our fault that you're too bad to carry 19 other sync feeders from our feeding guild" and so on...
  • There are no people to play xd that’s why you get same 50/50 team everyday
  • Just stop playing BG, i did it and help me alot to keep my sanity away from the toxic comunity.

    Let the bg for sync queues teams. Have fun popping up.
    BHS doesnt care ur money or ur fun.
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