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Player pop concerns



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    voidy wrote: »
    HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
    CornishRex, the fact that one Emerald costs 1440g and one Diamond costs 14250g while golden talents sell at 10g each proves something that i kept saying until now and that is "you get more talents at less value but you have to pay so much more for gems to be able to enchant/upgrade". And for the sake of comparison.. one Emerald costs 1150g at North America and one Diamond costs 11.500 gold.

    I hated the lower prices on NA. I crafted gems and regularly acquired them from dungeons and guardian missions. The low prices meant I couldn't sell them for much. When crafting them, I actually lost money sometimes because people would undercut until it wasn't even worth it to make them for sale purposes, especially if I didn't have elite and had to pay a broker fee on top of everything else. I could craft diamonds on NA, but I never did because they required 10 emeralds and a bunch of artisan kits and then only sold for 10.5k. I'd lose money unless I crit. Slightly higher prices incentivize crafting and push people to actually sell the things they make, which makes a healthier economy.

    The gems cost a bit more on EU because of the abundance of talents and mats. Since more people are able to enchant their gears easily, gem and also production points becomes a new bottleneck in a way. There are so many talents and rubys available but it's limited by the amount of production points you have to craft. Production points on EU are worth about 2g each and sometimes more depending on demand.
    HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
    And i am spending my hard earned gold on [filtered] lessons from a private teacher. Are you satisfied?

    It's ok. I don't judge. ;)
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    I still don't see any reason in particular of why it would be worth leaving NA to play on EU. This isn't about 'white-knighting' EME, but from what I've seen I'm not impressed and don't agree that EU is so superior to NA.

    The only things I've seen from EU that I wish we had in NA is the fact that EU has a lot more events, their cash shop is better, and their dressing room is up to date. Everyone keeps talking about how much easier it is to gear up in EU, and that's nice, but not worth me dropping my founder account and hard work in NA to start anew in a region I have no business playing in anyway. Despite how many more resources you have at your disposal, you'll have to deal with RNG anyway later on when enhancing SC+. That could also be the difference for someone in NA being able to gear themselves in full SC+ within two months or twice as long.

    If BHS could do something to modify the enhancement system a bit overall so that it isn't so much of a ridiculous grind then this nonsensical back and forth between which region is better wouldn't even need to exist. Yeah EME has been making a lot of bad decisions, but GF wasn't always perfect either.

    i highly doubt that anyone has deleted their characters in tera na to go to tera eu. I would be willing to bet that those that left na for eu still have their characters and items in na.
    if eu has more events, better cash shop, better dressing room, and easier to gear, then how is na better? is it because our staff here is better? our players here are much more nice? not trying to cause an argument, but I would like to know your opinion on why na would be better than eu.
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    P2W wrote: »

    Which is also why some people are exploiting the broken queue system. And why aren't there better ways to get enchanting mats in pve? There are a lot of people that don't want to pvp or don't have the gear to pvp in battlegrounds. And BHS need to fix the queue system, maybe interleave the queue as someone in the other thread suggested or split the teams based on their rankings and/or gear level.

    Here's a balance issue. When pvp was worthless to the grind, those on the pvp side argued that they were being left behind because they didn't want to play pve. Now that pvp is more meaningful and they nerfed the gains on pve, it's the other way around. The big problem is, if we buff both, then there are a fair amount of players who can do both and gear up double fast. And while I suppose many players may not find a problem with that, others, and maybe EME itself, may have an issue with this kind of speeding up. Either of the three ways, the current setup will always favor only a portion of the player base.

    In my opinion, if pvp gains helped people to only pvp, and pve gains helped them to pve only, I'd see a way to buff both. I THINK they tried to do that once, with separated pvp and pve gear sets. But now it seems BHS is barely interested in dealing with a single set for everyone. Imagine bringing two sets again...
    HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
    The truth is that I simply dislike too see players flaunting things such as "it is faster to gear up by two thirds" OR "europe is heaven on earth" without real arguments and especially when it is clear that each region has prons and cons. Also, if the said players have found the divine realm and made contact with a whole new level of existence reaching such heights of nirvana then why would they come here and be unfriendly looking to harass the rest that did not chose to abandon the ship? But do not worry because i am definitely getting tired of this and i am not willing to throw even more oil on the fire.

    And i am spending my hard earned gold on [filtered] lessons from a private teacher. Are you satisfied?

    p.s. some of the users here should be ashamed after going at a place that they have abandoned just to throw mud left and right hoping for a fight

    I won't claim to know their motives, and I agree it can get on one's nerves sometimes, but while some may be trying to rub their current position on our faces just to troll or whatever, others may be trying to be informative, while yet another group wants to say their message here to try and trigger EME to emulate GF, and a few do want to convince other players to move with them (for whatever reason).
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    It's already over for NA. Tera SEA coming out too and EU players won't come back either. Alot of friends who play with over 200ms ping reported that theres no lag spikes on EU.
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    I have not thought about it but indeed we now have great rewards from PvP but too little from PvE and En Masse might not want to buff both at the same time meaning that whoever wants to PvE will get shafted ( unless PvP gets nerfed too and we will all get shafted which will be ... ... ... ).

    Anyway, i have received a message from a friend on discord kinda teasing me more than being relevant but still the message contained among other things something that makes a difference and that is the fact that En Masse does not really care as much as Gameforge about the PC version of Tera ( maybe something will change? soon? ) since once again the Console version is advertised to the PC players but above anything else Gameforge is making available the talent system on a beta server from 26/10/2018 which is tomorrow while En Masse is busy advertising even more packages with costumes with the Halloween for the PC version.

    I am at loss.
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