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FWC EQ gear update



  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    metagame wrote: »
    P2W wrote: »
    If that's the case, then the battlegrounds should be tiered. One battleground for people with HO and SC and a equalized version. Those that have geared up for PVP can queue that unequalized one and the rest without gears can queue the equalized one.
    a bg with equalized gear would be easier to stomp players on as a sync, meaning players would still only queue for that. not going to solve anything.

    forcing players with higher ilvls into the "uneq" version would only isolate the already small community even further, but they could very easily pick up a set of guardian and trick the system.

    At the very least, that would then become a skill/teamwork steamroll. And this, frankly, is fair and deserved.
    Overpowered gear is stupid and shows nothing of your actual abilities since swiping a card proves nothing, mindless farming proves nothing either, being actually better in the game mode itself does. I used to win CS a heck lot through guiding my 19 randoms well, that is a matter of actual "git gud" indeed, but if my 19 randoms + me were all ridiculously less geared then that definitely isn't anymore a matter of abilities, one has a serious handicap compared to the other, you can't call that fair.

    If I recall FWC had two modes a few years back, one EQ and one non-EQ, but the EQ one never popped.
    It's one of those ideas that are epic great on paper and would solve problems nicely and all... but just ain't working in practice. Sadly that's how it was in reality.
  • metagame wrote: »
    a few years back fwc was made eq only, and the same players still stomped on others because fwc is not solely won through gear, but through teamwork as well.

    it is entirely possible, right now, for a team of 15 equalized players to win a game against any sync queue by avoiding big fights and keeping caps, while sniping bams. this of course, requires all 15 players to know exactly what they're doing in order to outplay the other team, but the point is that it can be done.

    if the current community was split between good and bad, the bad players would play each other and never improve, and even pick up very poor habits that would work on a bad player, but not on a good one. then when they're finally geared up and think they're 'ready' to face someone good, their bad habits get punished way harder and it causes them to get rolled anyway

    Your margin for last hitting the bam is significantly smaller with EQ gear. If say a full geared archer will do 40% to the bam with tenacity tb, and an eq will do 15% with tenacity tb, it becomes impossible for an EQ player to snipe the bam over said gear player.

    Then you have the issue of the EQ people being turned on/valk pulled/giga'd the moment they go to pit and instantly killed.

    Then you have the issue where with caps you can literally do a 7/8 split on north/south pyre and defend 7/8 geared v 15 eq.

    You're greatly overestimating the value of teamwork when full gear gives you 3-4 times the stats as eq gear, essentially increasing your worth to that of 3-4 players while only being a single player. Full randoms had a far better chance at winning back then when they introduced eq fwc because it was true 15v15.
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