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make dungeon delve coins drop every dungeon

one of the major things about EU tera are the elleon coins,they are a massive income of golden talents([number not accurate as i do not have all the info here]40 coins for 50 talents, 100 coins for 150 G talents NOT COUNTING THE EXTRA MATS YOU GET AS RNG,all talents guaranteed to be acquired) along with glyph shop(1 coin for 1 glyph shop coin) and another way of getting goldfinger coins besides gillie

in NA we "have" a item used as event reward which is named "dungeon delver coin" which are only awarded during dungeon highlights which only has a few uses as of now
>buying etch boxes
>buying crafter's cure
thats what most people uses them on,nothing else deems appealing or wanted as those two

what those coins could be is
being awarded every dungeon(amount varies with ilv tier)
->double(or triple,make it worth BUT NOT NECESSARY) coins during dungeon highlights

-cheap and steady resource of golden/silver talents (single RNG box or one box for silver and another for gold with SET AMOUNT(above 20 or 50) )

-giving the option to buy glyphs RNG boxes to those who do not like farming purple IOD crystals 24/7

-another source of goldfinger coins as Gillie has been the ONLY source of them

-fun items (stackable tights from anniversary event?)

-cheap items like valkion pots,nocts,crafter's cure,feast and other consumables

-extra expensive items like 120+ gold/silver talents box(RNG),etch box,full PP crafter's cure and dragon scales

-hyper expensive items like daric and plate boxes

-anything in favor of making every dungeon worth or rewarding to run(even RG to some degree)


  • One can only hope!
  • But if they make the golden talents easy to farm, nobody will buy the p2w boxes and people with thousands and thousands of talents will say "ekonomi will krash dah"...
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    From EU patch notes:

    Dungeons, regardless of their difficulty, give additional rewards upon completion:

    2 stars: 5x Elleon's Mark of Valor

    3 stars: 10x Elleon's Mark of Valor

    4 stars: 20x Elleon's Mark of Valor

    5 stars: 50x Elleon's Mark of Valor

    Battlegrounds will continue to contain special jackpots every day to draw attention to the respective battleground. The jackpot will also contain a certain number of Elleon's Marks.

    Gold talent are the basic crafting material needed in enchantment. Not only is NA the only region that has a gold talent shortage but to buy talents in our trade broker is x10 more than other regions.

    The delver coins we have in NA is a nice attempt but lacks the MAIN reward of a gold talent box. Also, please put delver coins as permanent on all dungeons and not event type. You could increase the cost of coins needed in shop.

    I assure you even with proxy being allowed most players that have left for EU will not coming back due to the unfair grind they would have to go through again compared to EU where they now can grind 1 more month and out gear what theyve been enchanting for a year.

    With delver coins rewarding talent box 50-150 gold talents it will help the gap between low tier and high tier players.

    Make use of what delver coin can be.
  • If they do this (which I think they should), can they also add on fire effect?
  • @KitTeaCup
    Please change to enable delver coin rewards as a permanent reward for all dungeons and add gold talent boxes for a higher coin price.
    Gold talent has always been an issue that EME has stated that they are aware of trying to figure out ways to inject talents ingame. I think I may speak for most players on Tera when I say we arent asking for events or p2w talent boxes.
    What we are asking for is a more direct in game way for acquiring gold silver talents through reasonable and fun means.
    Reasonable and fun means being able to run high tier dungeons when in high ilvl and being rewarded accordingly rather than have a fully stack geared +9 stormcry having to spend days grinding in IOD for days for an attempt to upgrade Heroic Oath or ilvl 412 dungeons for a mere rng roll at 5 gold silver talents per run. Or as a matter of fact any ilvl higher other than twist or guardian being tied to lower tier dungeons that consumes the daily VG limit.
    Id like eme to honestly consider revamping delver coins to include talent boxes. Theres so much EME could revamp in the game without BHS permission and delver coin is one that EME can as I have seen its basically same as fashion coupon shop and emporium which had been promised to be updated as well but havent been kept.
    Please ultilize and revamp what you can to make NA Tera gameplay better.
  • When will delver coin shop get updated? Recently proxy mods have said they will reinstate their support for NA. But that isnt enough to being back people from EU. Literally those who had left NA for Eu have found the grind on eu to be far more rewarding and less grindy.
    Why is it so hard for EME to understand the ingame economics?
    Please play the game.
  • DvsvDvsv ✭✭✭✭
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    Tbh, i rly think that nowadays EME got most of their income from this stupid grindy gearing system and not from costume sales.
    That's the only reason i can think why they rly want to marke this game extremely grindy and IMPRACTICAL for free players to progress.
    I always wondered if theses "H0+2 in 1 week" players (ALWAYS the same ppl lol) rly spend hours grinding golden/silver talents in IOD or battlegrounds lol...

    P.s: Just compare the "bang for the buck" of the p2w route from Mongo/VM6 days vs today.
    Back then anyone (even semi-casuals!) could gear to VM6+15 and as a result EMP was cheap AF.
    Now they're releasing an iLVL 456 dungeon, the "opportunity cost" for anyone to get HO+0 the "free route" starting from scratch is WAY WAY bigger that the actual cost of the P2W route (just buy SC+9 from TB/every mat from sell runs and brute force everything).

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  • Iirc fishing wont use PP that is used for crafting. Diff PP for fishing and crafting. But cures are already in delver shop. What we are asking is for talent box mostly and that delver coins be a permanent in game way of earning talent boxes or cures, even if you have to raise the prices itll still help out the econony so much more than talent injected events.
    The main idea is to create a permanent steady flow of mats without being bound to low tier dungeons or IOD bams.
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