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Tera email helmet code help!

I received an Argent Order Helmet code from en masse and I need to come here, login, and input the code. It's a 24 number code. PSN has 12 digit codes, and Xbox has 25 digit codes, so I guess this code is for PC only? Will it give the helmet to me on the console versions?

I don't play on PC so if it really is PC only, I'll most likely give it away.

Thanks for any help!


  • Hey if it is PC only and you don't want it I'll gladly take it :)

    Send me a private message on the forums via your inbox thing.
  • Seems I can't send private messages yet. If I post the code here you may not get it, sorry.
  • @Threadmelvin

    Just sent you a private message, check your inbox maybe you can reply to that
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