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LevelUp! with BuddyUp! Fiery Featherweights edition!

Fiery Featherweights update launches on Tuesday, November 13! You’ll have the chance to play an elin brawler and it's coming with a LevelUp! event, from launch day until Tuesday, December 11!

LevelUp! Event - November 13 - December 11
The LevelUp! event is only available to brawlers - those who hit level 65 during this event earns a pile of rewards: cool pets, costumes (elin only), weapon skins, mounts, and footsteps—plus a full set of Twistshard gear, a Guardian Mask, and a Cleansing Brooch when you reach level 65!

BuddyUp! - Now until forever!
  • If you are going to level an elin brawler, reach out to a friend new to TERA or hasn't played in a while, share a BuddyUp! code with them, and earn additional rewards as you both level together as a team during our LevelUp! event.
  • Anyone with a level 40 character can create a BuddyUp! code and all new players or players returning to TERA after 30 days can apply a BuddyUp! code to characters under level 10.
  • As a mentor you will be rewarded with consumables, level 65 crafting materials, 12 Strongbox Keys, and a Master Crafter's Secret Additive just for getting a buddy to level up with you.
  • Mentors can give away three BuddyUp! codes a month.
  • BuddyUp! is not restricted to brawlers.

Both? Both. Both. Both is good.
As a mentor, recruit three friends, give them BuddyUp! codes, and claim 3 sets of rewards. Then ...
  • Level up as a team! Perhaps you can create a team with yourself as the elin brawler tank, a healer, a melee DPS, and a ranged DPS. Then use instance matching to find your fifth!
  • Or go ham with an all elin bralwer team to take on all the dungeons with 4 brawlers to level 65?!

Either way, you'll get rewards from doing both the LevelUp! and BuddyUp!
Share your experiences with us!
Need help finding people to BuddyUp! with? Check out our Discord server for the LFG chat to find those buddies! We'll have more BuddyUp! news coming soon so stay tuned!
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