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Focused Updates on TERA (FUoT) #1

Hi everyone,

We have an update on our progress with the issues that we identified in our initial communication after the DMCA Takedowns surrounding TERA Proxy and other third-party programs. This update will include a couple of items outside of that initial outline and, going forward, it seems more useful and accurate to refer to these as “Focused Updates on TERA.” We’re setting a target of providing a new FUoT for you at least every two months. This will hopefully let us share meaningful updates each time instead of repeating ourselves with minor tweaks to language.
  1. After the announcement, we took the additional steps of reviewing previous account bans related to Proxy use and reactivated accounts that (as best we could determine from our records and data) fell inside the bounds of our current enforcement policy. This felt like a fair act we could do for our community in good faith. It is not, however, meant to signal a long-term intention to support Proxy. If Proxy or any third-party program is being used largely to cheat or disrupt the game, we will still take the necessary steps to protect the experience for our players. It is our hope that we can continue to work with the community to ensure that their key needs are met without the need for a third-party solution. As a reminder, we will only share information about our enforcement decisions/investigations with each account holder and nobody else. Additionally, please note that our enforcement policy prohibits all cheats and exploits that negatively or unfairly impact the play experience, whether they use the Proxy or not. If you witness a player using third-party programs to cheat, please report their behavior.
  2. Bluehole reshuffled some resources so the v76 update will include some additional UI options that should help improve FPS issues for some players. The key item is the option to turn off all “non-essential” spell effects. That update is scheduled for November 13th. Bluehole will also be looking to make further FPS-focused optimizations throughout 2019, so please continue to share feedback on your experience with framerates in TERA and we’ll continue to pass it all along to Bluehole!
  3. We are going to remove Xigncode. The custom version of Xigncode that we were using for TERA was not functioning as completely and consistently as we had hoped. That limited effectiveness along with your feedback made it a relatively easy choice to discontinue our trial with Xigncode. This is one of the issues that we did not directly identify in our initial post-takedown communications but it HAS been a focus of much debate and feedback, so it seems worthwhile to officially highlight its removal from TERA. Xigncode will be removed as part of the v76 update scheduled for November 13th.
  4. Beyond our joint efforts with Bluehole, En Masse is working on an updated launcher that will—among other things—allow us to open up the testing of some game functions to a larger sample of users before full launch. This will help us benchmark the impact of improvements like these upcoming UI updates and should help tighten up the delivery timelines around new content. This could also create the opportunity for us to generate “event servers” to introduce novel TERA gameplay options for you in the future.
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