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11/12 Battleground Changes

Good morning, TERA! Associate PM Halrath here with a couple of changes to battlegrounds that I wanted to talk about.

We turned off Kumas Royale because it isn’t representative of TERA gameplay and was a shortcut that left many players at level 65 with no real sense of how to play their classes. We hope this change will result in more players going through dungeons as they level and getting practice with their roles as tanks, healers, and damage-dealers.

The second change came from one of the most common areas of player feedback—frustration at battleground matchmaking. En Masse has been looking into the issues with Bluehole and come up with a number of ideas. The first one took place today.

In order to improve matchmaking for battlegrounds, we’ve turned off the premade queues for Corsairs’ Stronghold and Champions’ Skyring. It’s our hope that funneling players will improve queue times and result in a better overall experience. We are trying something different, and will of course be listening to feedback. Please leave it here.

These are just the first steps we’re taking to make TERA a more fun experience. The results will help direct further efforts. We appreciate you, our players, and want everyone to enjoy their time in the Dream.


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