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11/12 Battleground Changes Feedback Thread

In order to improve matchmaking for battlegrounds, we’ve turned off the premade queues for Corsairs’ Stronghold and Champions’ Skyring. It’s our hope that funneling players will improve queue times and result in a better overall experience. We are trying something different, and will of course be listening to feedback. Please leave it here.


  • Since Kumas was removed from battleground matchmaking, please move Kumas feats from "Dungeons and Battlegrounds" to "Special" as they are no longer obtainable.

    Champion's Skyring team 3s should stay. It's 6 players who queue to versus eachother. I doubt players have sat in that queue waiting for opponents, not that any of these pre-made queues offered rewards in the first place.

    Reduce the CS playercount form 40 players(20v20) to 30(15v15). Our population is so small, that requiring a quarter+ of the current playerbase to queue up for a BG is extremely difficult, especially without some in-game notice, noting that it's jackpot.

    I think a nice addition to the queue system would be to display how many players are in queue.
    We are queued up for Fraywind(30 total players) but only 5 healers are in queue, and we need 6. How are we supposed to know that I need to switch to a healer to get Fraywind to pop? We start spamming "/a QUEUE FWC" but it's just more DPS queueing up. This causes frustration on both the healers and DPS because we don't know what we need to get it to pop. This is the same for solo 3s. We have 8 DPS in queue, but only 1 healer? How do I know there is another healer in queue? I don't.

    Jackpot changes -Jackpots NEED TO BE OP for players to decide that it's worth their time to play PvP instead of PvE.
    Additionally, there is ZERO reason to leave last gear sets crafting materials as jackpot rewards still. This should have been swiftly promoted from the VM8 to the VM9 crafting materials as soon as the Deathwrack update hit. Players have chased VM8 for 5+ months, we have no interest in chasing old gear. Players can't see any reason to spend 1 hour+ in BG queue to maybe get CS to pop, to get identical rewards that they are promised in clearing a 15 minute dungeon.

    Finally, losing tickets.
    It seems this was already implemented in solo Champions Skyring, but I would like it added to all BGs. Currently if you win in solo 3s, you get a box. If you lose you get a receipt for the box, that requires 5 of these receipts to create 1 box. 5 losses to 1 box is fine for 3s, as games can end in under 3 mins. But if this system is implemented in the big BGs. It honestly should just be 1 receipt for losing, and require 2 receipts for 1 box. So that makes 2 games = 1 box at worst case scenario. Sometimes games take up to 30 minutes to complete.

    I'd like some other PvP players input on these items. Above is a list thought of by a player with multiple rank 1s on Xbox NA PvP.
  • Add simila lfg system to battleground
  • Hi,

    i think its a good move to remove kumas but why dont u even listen to all the people on the forum or on discord?
    We dont play pvp because of old jackpots (who still needs handys, envys or other stuff for vm8?), insane lags, 30sec freeze, unknow amount of CE errors, old designs at the pvp merchant and we cant even buy the new crafting materials for that pvp jewellery.

    In addition I dont like the idea of rewarding the losing team because we will get more and more autoattack spamming people at the spawnzone.
    Just increase the performance and the loot (jackpot and pvp merchant) and I will guarantee you that the BG queue will instant pop all day.
    Sry for my hate and bad grammar. I hope you will read this discussion Halrath

    Have a nice evening

    PS: just a reminder if u wanna check the activity from the past. I played like 750 pvp matches in may and june because of the opportunity to collect materials for vm8. I guess all the people tolerated the mentioned problems because of the great value from the jackpot and jewellery.

    Just my 2 cents
  • As other have said already, please remove Lady's Hankerchief and Envy crystals from Jackpot reward. They are useless now.

  • I honestly believe that removing pre-maid groups ain’t gonna solve the issue. As I see it, there are only few ways for ppl to join BG’a again:

    1) Fix the mass pvp lags and freezes. We are not PC who will ignore game crashes and 5-10 second freezes, so you need to solve that first of all.

    2) Enjance drop from BG’s! Or limit some drop to be only obtainable out of BG’s. So people want to go there, right now there’s no motivation.

    And finally, be more responsive to what players say, and give us news in advance. For example, last time when Gridiron arrived - you have change the jackpot schedule and did not notify players. So we went to Corsaires, which we knew were next place to get extra drop, waited for 1,5 hours in a que (not to mention that last time Corsair registered two months before the mentioned events), and finally got no drop and 0 compensation. So since then nothing worked, cuz those who wanted to go were upset and spread that info through friends, so now no one trusts Enmasse anymore. You have to earn our trust back to go there, but it’s onlu considering long time players, and for newbies it’s reasonable to encourage them join BG, what now hasn’t been done at all.
  • Do u want me to upload video from PS4 EU PvP server Guild Bam farm? It is impossible to play, I had 60% of my raid drop out as game crashed and the rest experienced freezes!
  • I think the teams need to be better equalized in terms of ranking in champion skyring. It's ridiculous to have a team consisting of a 1400, a 1350, and a 1000 against a team of 1000, 1100, and a 1150. Either the 1350, or the 1400 should have been swapped with one of the 1100s so the teams were fair. As it sits i'm going into matches with full teams of experienced players and going against complete newbs. I've been pushing for new players to q from the pve server and I have managed to get quite a few interested but when the teams are not balanced it's hard to get people to keep queueing.

    Increase the jackpot rewards to reflect the current patch, even the teams out, start giving pvp credits in champion skyring again, and people will start to do bgs way more.

    Side note: the champion skyring champion boxes are ridiculous. I've opened 80ish and have gotten 2 jewelry designs and only 6 of the mats required to make them. (4 war badges and 2 of the other ones) It would be much appreciated if the drop rate was increased or if the new key jewelry could be obtained in a similar way to blubred and landsheart (able to be obtained by battle credits)
  • So our guild have tried to start Gridiron today, we spent approx. 2 hours spamming both on PvE and PvP, and no 30 ppl came. It’s just impossible to play like this
  • MrElvisYo0MrElvisYo0 ✭✭
    edited November 2018
    Make it possible to make a lfg option on the social lfg tab to include pvp content, for each battleground.
    Make an option to watch the headcount for certain battlegrounds, so you would know when to expect a bg to start.
    this way you could watch if there are enough players to make a battleground possible.

    Since jackpot is such a way to make ppl queue for one bg at a time, it would be awesome if we had a jackpot reminder in game( by the news when we log in, or next to the battleground queue tab).

    The headcount idea could help u know when a battleground is about to start( 6ppl queued for skyring, or 30ppl queued for a 15vs15).
    The 15v15 is a stretch tho, console servers dont have much population, so unless we get server merges( for pvp and pve servers in the same region)
    we could definitely wish for battlegrounds with less players( 5v5, 7v7, 10v10).
  • Also, please keep the goddess tears, cuz there’s no other way for pvp players to get qfoil
  • Put 3v3 premades at the bottom of the battleground matchmaking list, noobs wont auto click it, you'll be able to funnel them into solos and the experienced pvpers will have their gamemode they've worked so dam hard for back. Im win the r1 champions skyring priest. I have a full pvp set that never gets used outside of duels. I would've went to the pvp server if it wasnt already a sinking ship. The servers are so dead when im on i cant even do anything.
    The last thing you should be doing is removing content.
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