[PS4/XB1] Maintenance is now complete! Go have fun!
We will be experiencing a maintenance on our purchasing system tonight (4/22) from 9-10pm. During this time, purchases will not be possible on any EME products. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
[PS4/XB1] We have identified an issue that is preventing players from obtaining achievements. We are aware of this issue, and are working to solve this as soon as possible. Being that this issue will likely require an additional maintenance, we will inform players as soon as we have scheduled this fix. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Easter has come to TERA! Read all about it, and check this thread for information on where to find these eggs, and what you can get! http://bit.ly/2Dj6rJa

TERA PlayStation 4 Japan Launch!


Today, we launched the PlayStation 4 version of TERA in Japan! Woohoo!

In the interest of full transparency and to head-off any speculation or conjecture, we wanted to let you know that in the Japanese version of the game, the in-game store details the probabilities of winning certain items from loot boxes.

While many products in the Japanese in-game store may resemble products sold in the NA/EU console versions (and even the PC version is some cases), these products were created uniquely for the Japanese market and the probabilities published therein may not necessarily reflect the probabilities in other versions of TERA published by En Masse.

Just a heads up!

Thank ya,
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