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Player Council Applications are CLOSED!

Hi everyone,

It's that time again! We want to open up applications for the Player Council for TERA PC!

They open today November 16th at 10 AM PST and close December 3rd at 10 AM PST.
  • We will reach out to those that are accepted by end of that week! (Subject to change depending on volume of applications received - we'll notify everyone ASAP if this is the case)
Application is here

We look forward to your applications and we're excited to expand our Player Council family!

For those that want to know a little about what the Player Council is and what responsibilities are like:

We're looking for members of the community to help expand our TERA PC Player Council! The Player Council is an opportunity for players to pitch in and help make the community a happy, healthy, and well-organized place. Only a few players will be selected by the En Masse Community Team and (with input from) our current Player Council, and you can expect more opportunities to apply in the future if you don't get in this time.

Player Council members are dedicated TERA players that will act as a point of contact and subject matter experts for the benefit of both the En Masse team and other players. Their primary task is to encourage positive activities within the community and help shine a spotlight on positive player behavior and events. Player Council members are also role models, they represent the game, En Masse and TERA – they’re a voice for the community as well as for En Masse.

They'll also help En Masse plan updates and events by gathering and organizing feedback and ideas from their fellow players. TERA is a huge game, and the collective knowledge of quests, mechanics, economy and other aspects of the game will help the EME TERA PC team with context when needed. They'll be extra pairs of eyes and ears for the EME Community Team, coordinating with Community Managers and each other in private chat.

Player Council members will also assist in the moderation of the EME Discord as well as the Forums (please mention any mod experience you have) and will be leading examples for those who uphold the #rules. While not expected to police the server, Player Council members will help perform admin actions when EME staff aren't around - things the bots can't do, like kicking those harassing others/abusing the voice chat and managing pinned posts.
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