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Equalized Dungeons Suggestion

With the current patch gear enchantment costs I'm pretty sure most or the majority of players are not happy with how things are.
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My suggestion does not ask to change the current system as I believe it is far from being saved and gear should of stopped at stormcry +9 or even heroic oath +0.
My suggestion is to add an equalized option for dungeons, this means that any players that enters an equalized dungeon have their gear equalized to the ilvl required to complete the dungeon it doesn't matter if their ilvl was higher or lower it will be equalized either way.

How does equalized dungeons benefit the game?

First of all the majority of the game content which is dungeons are locked behind a gear wall, most new players probably quit before even attempting a hard mode dungeon and the newest dungeons that come out such as Bahaar are gear walled to a very small percent of the population.
With equalized dungeons anyone can enter any dungeon without having to worry about being undergeared, as most games now a day are just jump in and play Tera however requires a long time/money investment before you can play some of the content.
I believe this is one of the reasons why the population is so low as players literally need to spend months spamming the same dungeons over and over again until they can upgrade/enchant their gear to do higher ilvl dungeons, Most will probably quit before they even get to a hard mode dungeon.
With equalized dungeons new players can at least attempt harder content before they quit the game.

Equalized dungeons for End game players?

Some end game players play to parse, which means to do as much damage as they can on a boss in dungeon this however requires best in slot items.
In the past when Visionmaker set gears were best in slot you only required the latest set with +15 weapon and the rest of your gear could be +12 along with tier 3 etchings on gloves and weapon along with best in slot jewellery which were really easy to get with good rolls on rings and 8 power or 16 crit innerwear to acheive maximum damage potential. This was achievable by most players the only hard part was getting the +15 weapon and rerolling rings could be annoying.
Today in order to achieve maximum damage potential you literally need best in slot everything full heroic oath +3 with tier 4 etchings, ethereal jewellery with amplifer 2s and etching 4s, Marrow brooch, Transcendant mask, 28 crit or 14 power innerwear, 1.5 crit power passive mount and 2.0 crit power passive mount. I don't think anyone has really achieved this yet and trying to get these takes way too long and requires alot of luck.
Items such as mask and innerwear have never been best in slot for long as they literally get replaced by the next patch which shouldn't happen in my opinion, best in slot should be like marrow brooch an item that has been best in slot since ambush patch.
Realistically players that are trying to parse aren't even doing it in the most optimum way as they most likely do not have best in slot everything.
The solution to this is equalized dungeons as every player will be best in slot in these dungeons which will create a new standard for the game.

Other Stuff
The mount crit power passives should maybe be disabled in equalized dungeons as not everyone can afford these.
There should also be a leaderboard for equalized dungeons that is seperate from the original, this way players can attempt to be on the leaderboards in an equalized setting.
ilvl vanguard requirement should be removed.


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