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Crafting Woes

I started playing just a short time ago, and recently got alchemy to master, after a lot of in game money spent. However, I was disappointed to find the only thing I can make are battle potions. In reading more online, crafting in general had been nerfed badly. One major thing I enjoyed in WoW was the intricate crafting, including tinkering to create some of the contraptions available in game.
I think the crafting needs to be revamped, and possibly a couple more disciplines added. This can potentially give a way to add items in the game with additional story, as well as freshen up the game play. Does anyone know anything further planned for crafting at all?


  • I don't know anything about plans to expand the crafting. I just started playing Tera a few months ago, and gathering and crafting are two of my favorite things in the game. I never played WoW, so I have no idea what their crafting is like. I have taken multiple characters to level 65 in Tera, and I always make it a point to take each of them to 350 in each gathering skill, and I have made three of them crafting masters, so far (Weapon, Armor, and Etching). I will work on making one into an Alchemy master soon. I think expanding the crafting, including possibly adding story for it, is a great idea. I would definitely support that. :)
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