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So much allowed abuse

Brawler rush glitch is just as bad as valk memeslash and the fact that it’s pushed to be used in bgs just shows how far from decent the player base has really become.


    edited December 2018
    The whole weekend we had injectors that glitched through the inner gate. Im tired of reporting them and EME won't take any actions against them.
  • @Maleficent94 Could you give more context as to what the brawler rush glitch is please? And have you and @D9MPY4GAFR submitted tickets?

    I'd like to hear more about this, thanks!
  • The brawler bullrush bug or glitch or whatever people call it has been around for years by now. I remember at one point many people submit tickets and videos in hopes to fix it, as it's very annoying in pvp. A regular bullrush, players can use movement skills to get out of, a "bugged" one, players cannot, like they are rooted along with the bullrush push effect. Some would even argue that it's intended too, but we have no BHS word. PVP on ktera is not a priority to the dev, so its unlikely to ever be fixed. It's not like this is a new issue, and there have definitely been tickets in the past. Either it was passed on to BHS and ignored on there end, or never passed on.
  • The KTera devs are in the process of re-balancing pvp at the moment...so now is probably the best chance for the information to be passed on to BHS.
    A few of the battlegrounds were revamped and re-balanced. I believe FC was replaced altogether, and the the base stats of every class were adjusted. They are also allowing the use of awakened skills in pvp (with heavy pvp damage adjustments).
    The KTera Devs are not very good at fixing bugs though so who knows...after years of people complaining about slayer ICB glitch and them trying over and over to fix it, they are just removing UOHS altogether to address it xD
  • it seem that they fixed the debuff bug where after a 1v1 or even group pvp you still have enemy debuff on you so they should be able to this am a brawler main but i don't care cause nothing in this game will ever be balanced simple as that look at zerk infinity cyclone call that fair lol, wonder bhs even know what balance is.
  • What i am starting to see lately is some very well made mystic bots that mimic the human actions up to a certain extent ( i have followed the bots around in the battlegrounds out of curiosity ) and by that i mean that they do cap pyres or go inside sieges but they fail to heal players or themselves and because of that the bots have around 20% win rate with more or less 700ish rating.. But they farm oh so many credits which is pretty crazy for some bots to do in battlegrounds..

    And there was another thing that i saw which was interesting.. IF we kicked one bot and gave it a battleground cooldown then another bot would come right after in the next game if the game that we played was too short ( we ended up knowing the name of the bots eventually .. ).

    Of course, i thought about gathering some evidence and trying to report but i am not sure how far i would get with it.. And mainly because for a few days there was this ninja injecting through the CS gates all the time and many players said that they reported him with video recorded evidence.. Then i saw the ninja some days later doing CS as if nothing happened..
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