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Revamp Bounty of the Fray


I think the idea of Bounty of the Fray was always a nice little achievement bonus, but the rewards from it are now laughably outdated.

I mean, seriously, I'm getting discontinued templates that I can't even use, or level 60 weapons/armor (when this is a level 65 battleground, and has been for quite a while...).

And as far as medal of the fray... could we make it sell for more than 1 copper? Or be useful in SOME way?

Just my two cents, but the box should really be revamped to be relevant with content now, or be removed entirely (because what's the point in getting stuff that will only be sent to the NPC for a gold or two...)


  • I was wondering what these were. Now i see this and it seems like its not worth it to bother trying to get.
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