[TERA PC] Known issue: Little Red Tokens from the Little Red and the Wolf event have an inventory limit of 999 and if receiving a Vanguard Request reward will raise your token quantity over the limit, you will not be able to receive any of the reward items. We apologize for the inconvenience, but ask that you please exchange tokens prior to completing dungeon Vanguard Requests if you are approaching the inventory limit. Event details: https://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-anniversary-little-red-and-the-wolf
[TERA PC] We confirmed that an issue with Civil Unrest persists, so Civil Unrest will remain disabled until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

Known Issue: December 10th Login Event

On December 10th, we announced TERA Console would soon be getting it's first Accumulated Login Event.

That Event has now been active for nearly a week, and we are happy to see so many players already claiming their rewards each day.

We have identified a technical issue that prevents us from adding one of the rewards that we intended to be the final Login Reward (mentioned in the News Post and on our Dec 11th EME News Stream), a Weapon Etching.

We have since been able to resolve the issue with the Weapon Etching, but due to the way this Event functions, it is too late to make a change. We also did not want to end the current event and restart it with the intended final reward, as that would have reset the progress of all of the players who have diligently logged in each day up to that point.

We still want to offer the Weapon Etching as an Event Reward, so we'll make sure to get it added as a reward in an upcoming Event, and make a new Announcement as soon as those details have been finalized. It just won't be this event's final reward.

We do apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

-TERA Console Team
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