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πŸ’™ Pea's Commissions πŸ’™ {OPEN} read disclaimer for future commissions

D I S C L A I M E R - I have recently quit Tera. I wont be taking tera gold for now. If I come back then I will!
β˜†I work a very physically intense job which takes a lot out of me, so please be patient with when I'm able to get them done.
Prices will vary based on complexity of character/outfit.

β˜†I will send you a sketch to confirm you are okay with the layout; This is your chance to change anything/cancel. Once you confirm, you will pay and will not be able to make any major changes or refund as I will begin coloring the piece. You may of course ask for WIPs (tbh I'll probably send you WIPs anyway even if you don't ask...)
Payment - USD only through Venmo and Paypal.

β˜†I'm making a wait list option so that more people have a chance to snatch up a slot before I get too many!! I will not ask for payment until I have finished all of my past commissions and its time to work on yours.

- Slot 1 - Full body painted style for Taka
- Slot 2 - Icon painted style for Zosmos
- Slot 3 -
- Slot 4 -
- Slot 5 -

Colored Sketch -
Icon- $12
Half body- $15
Full body- $20
Additional character-

Painted Style -
Icon- $15
Half body- $20
Full body- $30
Additional character-

β˜†Backgrounds will cost an additional $10 to each drawing.
(keep in mind I don’t do very detailed backgrounds)
Weapons no matter how detailed or simple will cost an additional $15.

β˜† Gore
β˜† hard NSFW (some things are acceptable just ask me first)
β˜† Super Buff/Masculine Characters
β˜† Mecha/Machines/Vehicles
β˜† Furries

β˜† You may use my art as an icon or repost; Credit MUST be given.
β˜† You can link back here, send them my discord, or my instagram.
β˜† Do not claim my art as your own.
β˜† Do not trace, copy, or reference my art for your own.
β˜† I have the right to refuse. Do not try to bargain.

You can message me on
β˜† Discord: Savannah#6006 (add as friend if we have no mutual servers)
β˜† TERA: Velika Server- IGN Pea or Cosmic
β˜† Instagram: _vildir_
β˜† Twitch: Vildir

I will keep this page updated on whether I’m open for commissions or not, so make sure you check back here.



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