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Wintera Event: EXCLUSIVE New Years Footsteps! [Updated Dec 31st]


We have EXCLUSIVE 2019 New Year's Footsteps! December 31 - January 01 (PST Midnight to January 1st 11:59 PM)

You'll have more than one way to grab them too!
  • Elin Pop Up: Play and complete 20 Wintera Snowfield battleground runs!
    - This can be completed once each day, for a max of 2 footsteps earned.
    - Note: Wintera requires players to be lvl 25 or higher.
  • Hunt some Beetles!: Go find Golden Beetles throughout TERA! These will be RARE. (Loot table at bottom of post)
  • Play Time Goal: Play for a total of 8 hours within the two day period, and you'll receive a parcel with the footsteps!
Get together with some buddies queue for Wintera Battleground and in between queues, you can go hunt for Golden Beetles and increase the final loot! It's a good way to head into the New Year :)


You can also look forward to another round of ULTRA FIRE HYPER TURBO TIME on New Years!
- 9 PM Pacific Time to 2:30 AM - (in other words, midnight from one coast to the end of New Years' on the other coast!)

Also keep an eye out for a Parcel Post too!

Golden Beetle Loot Table:
Season's Greetings Footstep x 1 rare
Snowflake Bomb x 3 common
Rare Noctenium Elixir x 1 uncommon
Strong Canephora x 2 uncommon
Bravery Potion x 5 uncommon
Dyad Niveot Structure x 1 rare
Rejuvenation Potion x 5 uncommon
Valkyon Health Potion x 5 uncommon
Golden Talent x 8 rare
Silver Talent x 2 rare
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