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Welcome our new Volunteer Moderators!

Hello folks!

As we mentioned in our Announcement sub-forum, we are now working with volunteer moderators to help us make the forums a fun, inviting, informative place. Those of you that are familiar with our Player Council team will already be familiar with our TERA specific moderators:


Please join me in welcoming and thanking them for the hard work that they do!


  • WELCOME, new volunteer moderators! :D
    I have seen all of your names before, but I am definitely most familiar with @Sarumonin. Good luck to all of three of you, trying to keep some of us miscreants under control! :D
  • Good luck guys, hopefully u will be able to do more for the players!
  • Hi, Welcome to you! Finally thanks, because I find that it already has a real lack of communication between players console and EME. So are what the moderators will be exclusively to "monitor" the forum or they will also be on the console (in play)? And how do we become a volunteer moderator
  • welcome sarumonin and friends
  • TheLittleLoliTheLittleLoli Pora Elinu
    Hello Hello there, welcome.
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