How to change the thickness of your body? I seen a castanic that had the thighs of a human.

I have a castanic and it was a pretty obvious difference. How can I get my thighs to be bigger?


  • I play on Xbox, but I am "assuming" everything like this is the same on PS4. Once you make it to the city of Kaiator, look on the city map for "Link Street". In there are a bunch of merchant stands, but there is a "Novelty Merchant" standing out in the hallway, not far from the Dye Supply Merchant stand. He sells a bunch of novelty stuff, including "Shape Changer: Thicken Thighs (1 day)". I don't know if prices are different, but on the NA PvE Xbox server they cost 35 gold (technically 34.99.99). According to the description on it "Temporarily increases thigh size. Effect can be stacked up to 3 times". I don't know if there are any other ways to get that, but that is the only place I have run across that sort of thing. I have NOT personally used it, so I can't swear to how good it is, or if it is the same exact thing the other player had.
  • there is a castanic in velika that sell a thicken thighs potion thingy behing the statue in freedom plaza. but it only last for 1 or 3 days

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