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Elite and store

I am Elite player I pay to play the game, but if I don't play the game every day they start taking stuff away, why, I am paying for this stuff.
The store, I was in the dressing room and found some stuff I was going to buy, when you click on buy it sends you to the store, I looked all over the store but could not find the things I wanted, where did they go. Snuffy44


  • Vy1ViviVy1Vivi ✭✭✭
    Elite is an option. You don't have to pay for it if you don't like or care for it.

    And not everything in the dressing room is available in the store by design. For more details about the dressing room refer to this thread: and all of the other hundreds of threads started in this forum regarding NA's incomplete dressing room.
  • MeningitisMeningitis ✭✭✭✭
    The dressing room is supposed to show every costume regardless of it's purchase availability (but it doesn't because it's been broken for a while now). A lot of costumes are limited time or seasonal. Lots of mmos follow this format.

    Also, Vy1Vivi is right. You're not paying to play, you're paying for premium upgrades to your account. Those upgrades do not pertain to the dressing room and cosmetic shop.
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