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Ornamental Hauberk

Okay so I just came back from a break off of this game for about four months and i decided i wanted to make a lancer with my brother so long story short i started grinding fashion coupons to specifacally get the Ornamental Hauberk which i own 3 of on my zerker when i went to see how many more i needed to actually purchase it the cost was moved up from 400 coupons to 1.5k coupons can anyone please, please pleaaase tell me why this happened?
Is this a bug or an error thats eventually going to be fixed? Or was this done on purpose?


  • This was done intentionally. There were a few items in the Fashion Coupons that were increased in cost dramatically, because those specific outfits were used for special events. They did not want to totally remove the items from the FCs, but they also did not want them to be too cheap anymore, because then the giveaways received during the special events would not have seemed as special. The Ornamental Hauberk was increased, because of the special tank leveling event that we had a couple of months ago. Here is a thread where @CobaltDragon explained the reason: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/comment/268579
  • Ah ok i see i totally get this but 1.5k coupons is absolutely excessive 1k wouldve been enough of a jump when they were giving out capes for a leveling event they didnt change the cost on the store its just kind of discouraging to me because the grind for 500 FC is already a really big hassle but nonetheless worth it but triple that is absolute punishment ; _ ;
  • Did you participate in the Valkyrie leveling event? If not, do you plan to? If you are going to be doing that anyway, then one of the rewards is 400 Fashion Coupons at level 40. There is definitely nothing wrong with farming them from Island of Dawn BAMs (that is where I get most of mine), but I just wanted to mention it, in case you have not yet made a Valkyrie, but plan to. Just be sure you create the Valkyrie and get her at least to level 2 before 29 January, so you get the nested reward boxes.



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