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Any tips for a new player?

I'm new, and I wanna know some tips! :D


  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
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    xWoomy wrote: »
    I'm new, and I wanna know some tips! :D

    First, if you're trying to see which class you'd like to play, I recommend getting each one to level 30 to get a feel for them and see which one you have the most fun with. There are 3 roles in the game: Dps, healer, tank. Each class performs a specific role, so make sure you know what it is ^.^

    Always use your avatar weapon until you're level 65. That will give you the most damage output and enchant it as high as you can. (Your goal is +9)
    You can do story quests and dungeons to level up. Dungeons are the fastest way to level. Instance Matching* will queue you to find groups for dungeons or you can use the LFG tool and apply to a group trying to run the same dungeon as you.
    *You will be unable to queue for dungeons you have outleveled so be careful when doing story quests.

    Level 1-64 is pretty much the "tutorial" as some say. The real game begins at 65 when you start gearing up for end game content.
    Be careful when binding mounts, weapon skins, costumes, etc to your characters. They will be stuck with those characters and are not shared between the account once bound.
    Velika and Highwatch are the major social hubs and there is almost always someone there who will be able to help you answer other questions you have as they come up or feel free to ask here as well :)
  • I recommend to play a valkyrie, when I started, there was a tank levelling event and I thought neither lancer or brawler interested me, and played two healers. Then my healers hit 65, the healer levelling event started.. If I were to do it again, I'd start with the brawler and lancer instead. Unless you have a specific preference, i.e. you just want to be an archer or elin, go with the one they are promoting. Plus valk is a really really decent class, I have five chars at max level and valk so far impressed me the most
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