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What is the point of having quests to do!

I'm trying to do the story quests for this game but I keep getting left behind by everyone who just wants to clear dungeons. I understand that grinding gets me to max level faster, but why have any quests if I'm ultimately just going to skip them? I feel like there has to be some sort of benefit to questing vs just grinding, Otherwise, where is the incentive?


  • You play another single player game, red dead redemption for example, you need incentive to play through the campaign? do it for the experience (experience, not the experience you use to level up) if you want to, don't do it if you don't want to, this game is amazing as it give different players options and each is viable. There are small number of players actually enjoyed questing and travel around the world, and I respect that
  • You can complete all remaining quest for fun, after hit 65 don’t worry if you miss one story quest, more later you can complete it and enjoy stories or cut scenes.
  • You're not the only one :) I'm trying to complete the story in order as best I can, only saving a quest to do later if I can't finish it solo quite yet. I rushed through at launch and don't want to do that again.
  • I think I've read just about every piece of dialogue in the game at least once. In my first play though way back in 2013, I started by reading everything but was leveling slowly with some friends. Eventually they just wanted to do the story quests and dungeons so I ended up skipping a lot. We always did the story quests together (that was actually how you leveled back then) and then side quests on our own time. Later I went and leveled my second char alone (a mystic for nexus) and I just went through and read everything.

    In terms of incentive there aren't too many currently. There are certainly a lot of achievements which are nice if you want laurels, but not too much else. Back in the day doing the Argon War and level 65 quests was helpful for the 4k and 7k gold respectively. With the amount of inflation in modern TERA however, you're better off doing other things if you want gold. The story is interesting though and worth a read imo. There's also quite a few quirky side quests that will be sure to put a smile on your face. I guess the biggest thing is, don't just complete the quests for a reward, but complete them for the experience.
  • I'm trying to do the story quests for this game but I keep getting left behind by everyone who just wants to clear dungeons.

    It is a game. If you are playing it for fun and enjoyment, then don't worry about what everyone else is doing. Just have fun and enjoy yourself. I just started playing Tera on console, shortly after it came out last year. My first couple of characters, I did the whole story line including side quests, and I soloed all of the story line dungeons (pretty easy, if you are at the upper end of the recommended levels for each dungeon), but there is nothing wrong with queuing for the dungeons, if you want. I enjoyed the story line and the side quests, and I definitely had fun, which is the purpose of a game. Since then, I have created numerous more characters on both the PvE and PvP servers, and on multiple gamer tags. Many of them were for new class releases (gunner, ninja, and Valkyrie), or for class leveling events (tanks and healers). For those, I did rush through by killing BAMs and queuing for dungeons, because I wanted to meet the time limits for the special rewards and things. Even when I am leveling up a new character, just because I feel like making a new one, I still do at least the story line from level 60 on, because I enjoy it so much, and I especially watch the Paesyn and Zolyn cut scenes, no matter how many times I have already watched them, because I love that story line so much. :)

    If you want to do the stories and/or the side quests, then go ahead and do them and have fun. After you have done them a couple of times, and know what to expect, you may decide to skip some of that on future characters, but I do recommend doing the full story line at least once. As others have mentioned above, you do get completed "feats" for many of the story line and side quest items. Once you are level 65, then we are all level 65, whether we got there in a few hours or a few weeks. :)
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