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Gear Revamp



  • Lol I asked specifically about PvP currency. And of course those who are interested in game, who read news and forums know more. In Neverwinter it never killed economy or smth. As history shows only few are making what is beneficial, meanwhile the majority doesn’t care. So why again we focus on those who don’t care. Make 2 news, 1 where you state date and time of releasing the rates and in 1-2 days release it, so all be prepared. What the heck, one again, no respect to those who play long.
  • If we knew weeks ahead of time, I don't think it would have a negative impact on the economy, yes some people may get taken advantage of, but you will have that regardless.

    As a casual player who doesn't have a ton of resources it would be nice to know where to focus the little time I have, Use up things that won't convert well. Know what to spend my tokens on and more.
  • SarumoninSarumonin ✭✭✭
    @Rustigo, I'd say the same materials will be used in the conversion - just the rate will be different. I'd say to just hoard any of the items from the PC side of things, and come revamp you'll have emblems.

    Though it's not 1:1 with PC, at least it'll be something!

    I can provide you a link to Gear Revamp if you need it.

  • Ok, at least I need to know wether Bel/KS merchants will still be available and selling stuff they do know, so I don’t waste my credits for nothing
  • SarumoninSarumonin ✭✭✭
    edited March 2019
    Yes, they will. Just updated, @Gospodja :) I'm unsure how it will be handled, necessarily, but all we know is that they will be updated. Some of the items available now may not be in Revamp - keep that in mind. So in my personal opinion, if you have anything you'd like to purchase from those stores now, do so before the update. I can't guarantee those same items will be in after that.
  • may we know if the old gears can still be enchantable after the revamp? I don't need to know the conversion list of items. Why are we kept in the dark so much. I just want to know if I should enchant now or wait for revamp.

    If the answer is no but kept a secret and those that chose wrongly to wait.. they've just lost of bunch of time and energy earning these resources. I love Tera but this would be a huge blow to recover from.
  • SarumoninSarumonin ✭✭✭
    Hey there @Lingyi, as @Maximumbooty pointed out yes, you should be able to still enchant. Expect the same system as PC, except for values (material conversion). The gear conversion should be the same as well, as far as I know.
  • Thanks, I went ahead with the enchanting anyways. Getting burnt by rng badly a second time. But alas, this is how this one game goes.

    May this info be helpful for other players, anyways.
  • I asked question if merchant will reason with same goods and been answered smth like “maybe yes may be no maybe rain maybe snow”. That is not kind of answer I need and i’m not even asking of rates. I just don’t want to waste alll my pvp currencies and I have nothing to do in current patch. All my playable chars are well equipped.

    Right now I want to lvl up to max gear right after patch and I am going to, and then I want to get as much gold out of those new valuable players I can, but this is my way of gaming and it also has to be supported from publisher/dev. I NWO we always had news 2-3 months prior, we had calendar and 1 big server, which made the economy great there.

    And I hope, Tera will get the need of observation and competition. Otherwise, as it already is, not much skilled players will be there. Some love to grind, some love to pvp, some love to trade, and all those needs has to be covered by EME, as main representative of the game, with special care.
  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    edited March 2019
    yes, this comment is a rant that I need to vent on and that has no solution that will make me feel better. But nonetheless..

    It took me at least 12,000 T11 feedstock to get my ambush weapon, after awakened, from +12 to +15. All in all, based on the market value, that's nearly 1 MILLION gold.

    Now with my attempt to get +15 deathwrack weapon. From +0 to +14 and still trying, I've so far spent at least 12,500 T12 feedstocks and an additional 300k gold worth of resources. I've been grinding over 3 hours straight daily between 4 characters doing IoD vanguard's and Petrax and I'm going broke. I'll spend the last few 100k gold I have left and even sell all my rubies to vendor for quick gold. Will I end up with nothing to show for it? omg.. i know he revamp is supposed to improve but not remove this rng madness. But why is this a thing to begin with?? this is so ridiculous. This is so sad. So tragic. Even if I'm given a +15 deathwrack, even if I get lucky and hit +15 within the next few days.. this has scarred my Tera experience. Even if I love the game and playing with my friends.

  • I feel you, they should have made the awakened enchanting levels give a slight bonus on every failure as well. My Ambush bow 10k feedstock later is still stuck at +14 and I just gave up, Thought about upgrading to DW but I didn't want to put myself through that again, most of my feed usage was +12 to +13 got +14 in like five tries, only taken like ten shots at 15 just occasionally when I have extra feed and alks left laying about
  • I gave up on it, will take my chances with the new system I guess.
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    Unfortunately, that's just how RNG works. I have a guildie who got +15 DW with 2-3 tries each time and I also know someone who has put nearly 100k T12 into their weapon and they're still at +12. Both ends of the spectrum. I find the best way to not burn yourself out is to just attempt once or twice a day. That way, you're making more materials than you're spending and it doesn't feel as stressful. (The ones I've told to enchant this way have said it feels less frustrating than mass enchanting).
  • yeah, rng...

    I dropped another 3k fds and still +14. Some may call me stupid, but I'm already so far in.. might as well go all out. I'm going to start selling all my post revamp reserves. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds.. if that doesn't get me anywhere.. it means I should move on to another game.
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