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♡ Kootta's Commissions ♡ [Kaiator] [OPEN]

♡Hey what's up i'm here to offer some chibi/anime art ^^♡
♡You can contact me either through discord (hime#0163) or through dA (magihime)♡
♡ I accept either gold (kaiator only) or paypal! ^^ ♡
♡ Unlimited slots~

♡ FEMALE CHARACTERS ONLY (sorry! i suck at guys LOL) - I'm best with cutesy characters
♡ I can't do armor. Light armor ok but nothing crazy, it's just not in my comfort zone.
♡ Please don't rush me! I work almost everyday and art isn't my only priority. But if you need it by a certain date it can be arranged ^^
♡ I may simplify super detailed designs
♡ I'm not crazy comfortable with weapons. I can try but no promises lmao.
♡ I accept both TERA characters and OC's ^^ also let me know if you'd like me to change any part of your character (ex: changing hair, eye color, outfit, etc)
♡ Transparent or plain backgrounds only.
♡ Feel free to request certain poses!
♡ Payment is upfront. I can send the first sketch for approval, this is where you can request any changes. But after the sketch I won't do any major changes.

♡ If you have any other questions feel free to ask! ^^


-200k/$13 | Couples: 350k/$26


-200k/$20 | Couples: 300k/$40




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