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[Velika]PC Pastel Sky Recruitment

edited February 5 in Guild Recruitment
GM Samus.Bounty.Hunter - discord vegeto-ss55#9513
Officer Shennachie - discord Shennachie#7051
Officer Royalty - discord Ash#7581
Officer Swinkyy - discord Baldrann#4580

Pastel Sky is a PVE focused casual guild in Veilka server. We’re a family oriented, knowledgeable/helpful, friendly and have our shenanigans moments. We recently rebuilt the guild and we are at level 167 with buffs. We mostly run guild mission dungeons from item lvl 412 to 439.

We accept new players, old players, or returning players who are willing to progress and be active. The only requirement is to be level 10-65 to join the guild. Pastel is active on discord VC(don’t need mic) and offline text channel/guild chat.

Please apply send message to Pastel sky in game or message one of us ingame or on discord if you’re interested in joining Pastel Sky.. ^.^
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