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New player here! Help!

does your race have anything to do with grouping up? a couple of friends and myself are wondering! like if I wanna be a Castanic, one friend wants to be a Popori and the last was Elin... are we able to group up?


  • Yes. There is no race restriction for joining/creating a party.
  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭
    Everyone starts in the same place and goes through the same quests and dungeons. Everyone works for the Valkyon Federation. You can play with each other pretty much from the start, well, after you get done with the tutorial island, since that is mostly solo. (I've never bothered to check if you can actually group up in there, sorry. It's just some ~30 minutes of linear introduction anyway.)

    The only difference that race makes is some (mostly passive) racial skills (like a crit chance bones from the rear (Castanic), faster swimming (Elin/Popori), a bonus to various crafting skills and things like that; they are listed on the character creation screen), animation differences (mostly cosmetic, as far as I'm aware, though a few still have some actual timing impacts), and the city that the hour long cooldown personal teleport skill takes you. (As well as the level at which you learn it. But nearly every merchant sells a teleport scroll to them anyway, so it's a very meaningless difference, even without Elite and its unlimited teleports to all flight points.)

    Your race will also impact your costume choices, most of the stuff in the last few years is race and gender limited.

    So, yes, you can all group up, no matter which races you pick. (Caveat, the game considers any party with more than 1 tank or 1 healer to be non-standard configurations, which can limit you a bit for the matchmaking aspects, but you can still group up even then, you just need to go to the dungeon entrances to enter manually.)
  • Just adding that you can group for some parts of the tutorial islands, but not all.
    You can group for the open world sections but there are some parts that function as a 'dungeon' or 'story beats' that you have to do on your own :)
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