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Since the fall of their Demon God, the Castanics have suffered unspeakable prejudice and oppression dating far back into the Mythic Ages. As a result, they mistrust others and prefer to go at things on their own. Resourceful and hardy, they draw from their innate individual strength to see them through this Age of Chaos.

Creativity drives thought; courage drives action

Sometimes seen as hedonistic or flighty, Castanic refuse to let their dark past cloud a bright future in the federation. Eager to prove their commitment, Castanics are strong enough and determined enough to do what others might find objectionable.

Castanics inspire more conflicting emotions than any other race in the federation. Clever and skilled, castanics are also opportunistic and hot-tempered. A castanic never forgets a friend and never abandons an ally. They're also notoriously quick-tempered and have a tendency to decapitate first and accept apologies second.

The castanic race is famous for the skill of its artisans and crafters. They are also adept merchants—cunning negotiators who love the interplay of bargaining, and strive to come out on top in every deal.

History Overview
The Castanics have been under pressure from foreign invasion for the longest period of time of all races.

During the Age of Deities, they were driven out from their homeland by their once brother-like Deva race. After the War of the Gods, they were protected by the demon god Lok, who was thought to eventually bring an end to the world. Due to their relationship with Lok, they were treated badly by other races.

The Castanics were able to become a part of the Valkyon Federation with the help of the Humans of Velika and the Amani, but to achieve that feat many young Castanics disappeared to the battlefield.

The devas were children of Zuras. After she was sealed away by Titus in the war against the giants, Balder offered them to Lok, a fellow craftsman. They took on the name Clan Castanic and they served him until his fall. Since that time, the Castanics have forged their own destiny, lived by their own dark code of honor, and carved out a place in history. Betrayed into creating an artifact that caused the death of the beloved god Balder, most castanics have spurned the gods entirely, believing them not to be worth the trouble they cause, and that those who depend upon the gods are too cowardly to seize their own destiny. Some, however, seduced by Lakan's promises of power, have followed the evil god into Northern Arun, intent on reviving the ancient and bloody name: devas. A small minority revere the amani goddess Kaia.

To counter all the resentment from other races, they have become a very independent race. To this day, they continue to pass down their traditions from generation to generation.

Castanics are short in height, but have strong physical shapes and are swift in motion and melee combat. Their divine magical affinity is in direct contrast with their small stature, often surprising others. Due to their independent nature, the Castanics have become known for having trouble following orders.

Detailed History
Devan Roots; The Scorning of a Patron
Clan Castanic is one of the original clans of devas. The Devas were created by the goddess Zuras, famed for being the most seductive goddess of the original twelve. Whether through disguise or simply her natural allure, Zuras bore numerous children (including Velik, Kaia, and Thulsa, among others) by way of three different godly fathers.

Aside from that, Zuras engaged in a number of morally questionable pastimes. Clan Castanic (the craftsmen and artisans clan, famed for their crafting skills and talents with other forms of creation) was sickened by the necromantic crimes perpetuated by their patron goddess when her doings came to light. And so Clan Castanic seceded from the Devas and turned their backs on their creator goddess and the other Devan clans, who not only turned a blind eye to Zuras' abominable doings, but supported them. Chased and hounded into exile by their Devan former brothers and sisters, the Castanics fled Arun and made their way to Shara.

Hunted by Brothers and Outsiders alike; Doing the Impossible
Having left the Devas, Clan Castanic made their way to Shara. The small clan was alone and facing a world full of enemies: viewing the Castanics as deserters, the Devas were out for their blood. All the other races, too, would attack them on sight, still viewing them as bloodthirsty, evil Devas. Amani had a particular hatred for them: Devas and the Amani people had been locked in conflict nearly since the creation of their two races, due to a disagreement between their respective patron gods (Zuras and Amarun).

The Amani perception of Castanics as nothing more than treacherous Deva runts changed at the cusp of the War of the Gods. Castanic artisans lent their skill to the campaign of the gods Lok and Kaia to free the Amani people from their shackles of slavery to the Giant Empire. Castanic artisans were able to do what had been seen as impossible: they broke an unbreakable seal, freeing the Amani people to rise up against their former slavemasters. The endeavour took three long years, but at the end of it the Castanics had earned lifelong gratitude and friendship from the Amani people. The two races are still close to this day.

A New God; Tricked into Murder[/size]
At the very begining of the Divine war Zuras suddenly disappeared, and despite desperate entreaties from the Devas, the goddess remained silent. It is suspected that the goddess Gluda (creator of Vampirs and Gulas) and her daughter Akasha (Goddess of Sickness) quietly murdered the sensual goddess out of jealousy.

As they had worked so well together previously, Balder suggested that the Castanics adopt his brother Lok as their new patron God. Lok had inherited his cleverness from his father Karas and had quickly become renowned as an inventor, making him a good match for the tinkering Castanics.

Prophecies existed that Lok would bring about the end of the world, but Castanics are not known for their superstition, and so accepted the proposal and petitioned Lok to be their new patron god, despite that this caused all the other races (save the Amani) to spurn them for throwing their lot in with a demon god.

Lok was an intelligent God, but not a particularly wise one. Ishara, sister to both Lok and Balder, grew jealous of Balder. She convinced Lok that Balder had descended into madness. Lok enlisted the help of the Castanics to carry out his plan, giving them blueprints for an artifact called The Crown of Phanes. The Castanics were told that this crown was to celebrate Balder and/or to cure his insanity (accounts differ), and set about creating it. Lok had intended for the crown to capture Balder's powers, but had miscalculated, and instead when the crown was placed upon Balder's head, it killed him.

Every adult Castanic was struck down with horrific pain at the moment of Balder's death, and when the agony subsided they found their bodies traced with twisting, dark grey scars.

When the Castanics found out that they had been tricked, the race renounced the god Lok. This was not, however, enough to absolve themselves from their blame in the death of the beloved Balder in the eyes of the rest of the world (save for the Amani) however. Outraged priests called for their sacrifice, many paying exorbitant sums of gold to bounty hunters who preyed on the diminutive folk. The Castanics fled their old capital, Deva Victrix, in Northern Shara and made the long journey back to Arun. The clan arrived in the sweltering jungles of the eastern coast and began to work to start anew.

A Perfect Home; The War of the Rose
A slayer named Callida found the perfect valley for their new home. It was easily defended -- ensuring the clan would never have to flee again -- yet spacious enough that residents had some breathing room, an important consideration for these passionate, fiery people. The clan threw itself into construction work: tunnels were carved through the mountains, great forges smelted metals for construction, and arcanists worked night and day to give the new city the comforting crimson glow castanics so appreciate.

Within a generation, the cold-forged metals and carefully worked stone framed a city of mysterious beauty. Only the exposure overhead bothered the castanics, who preferred to work in secrecy. The arcanists banded together to permanently enshroud the city in a dark, gloomy -- yet comforting -- mist. Nestled in their new cocoon, the clan prepared to carve out a new future for themselves.

The new settlers did not go unnoticed. The Castanics' exceptional weapons and even more exceptional women lured neighboring slaver syndicates and pirates to the city. The promise of such rich plunder combined with the city’s strategic advantages made it an irresistible target, and the brigands all wanted it for their own. The skirmishes began, and the intruders quickly learned just how defensible the city was. Pirate and slaver deaths mounted swiftly, yet the castanics suffered few casualties, and Castanica stood fast.

Enraged, the pirates enlisted the aid of the demons and abominations of Fymount. One particular demon lord, Immoltarus, knew of the castanics and coveted their skills for his own infernal purposes. A deal was struck: the demons would gain ownership of the castanics, while the city would belong to the pirates. Two thousand demons, pirates, and slavers marched on Castanica, opposed only by a few hundred castanic soldiers.

Immoltarus led the charge that shattered the first line of defense. The castanics retreated back into their tunnels, inch by bloody inch. The mountains shook with arcane might and echoed the screams of the wounded. With slow determination, the demons forced the castanics back until they rallied beneath the arch of the Shrouded Rose. Blood pooled in the streets, fire and destruction hammered at the arch, but the castanics held the line. For three exhausting days, the castanics battled the invaders until the tide abruptly turned. A trio of sorcerers sundered Immoltarus’s magical defenses, leaving the demon vulnerable. Callida led the charge and slew the fiery archfiend. The remaining demons abandoned their mortal allies as the castanics counterattacked. Callida’s charge routed the slaver assault, and the castanics took a thousand heads. The skulls lined the road to Castanica as a warning for decades afterward.

The Word of an Ally; Joining the Federation
Their fantastic defense of their new home city captured the attention of the newly forming Valkyon Federation. There was much debate; the strength of the Castanics was undeniable, and their skill in reconnaissance and strategy would be almost as invaluable as their contributions as master crafters would be to the Argon War effort. However, most of the other races still blamed Castanics for the death of Balder, who had been beloved by all. The Amani people had already been enlisted into the Federation, and vouched for the Castanics strongly enough that the other races tentatively put forward an offer to the Castanics.

The Castanics considered the offer and accepted, taking their place in the Federation for the war. Their reasons for joining are simple, and have little to do with considering the Federation and those who started it as something to bow to; the Argons threaten the whole world, and adding their strength to the pooling masses gives a better chance of survival.

It is expected that, once the Argon war is over, Castanics will go their own way once again -- the race bows to no power but themselves.

Both females and males have horns which come in various shapes and sizes atop their heads, composed of a solid material -- these can be sharp, depending on the shape. Some Castanics file them to be sharp, if they aren't naturally so. Their horns often have patterns on them, which usually include some shade of red coloring. Castanic infants start developing horns shortly after birth. Combined with their pointed, elongated ears, this gives Castanics an exotic and demon-like appearance. Castanics also run a naturally high body temperature, and so their skin is pleasantly hot to the touch. They do not feel cold as keenly as other fleshly races.

Castanics tend towards darker, reddish skin-tones. They also feature armored patterns on their bodies: these are arcane scars. They were first inflicted when their artifact, the Crown of Phanes, killed the god Balder. The onset of Castanic puberty is marked by a painful episode in which the scars are developed. Some scholars claim the scars are a divine curse, a Mark of Cain, if you will.

Castanics are relatively short in height, though they are lithe and possess strong physical shapes. This anatomy allows them to be agile and swift in combat, and they are famed for being very light on their feet.

The Castanics are seen as a very seductive and sexy race. As the creations of Zuras, sensuality runs deep in their veins. The culture as a whole does not shirk [filtered] and sexual appeal, and this is reflected in their choices in clothing.

Social Behaviors
Castanics are a matriarchal society for the most part. Children are raised for the most part almost entirely by their mothers with little to no influence from their fathers. This is common as the women take care of things and get the jobs done while the males go off to seek adventure and make their fortune before returning home... if they do at all. Still, if they return, they always have a place in the clan.

Castanics are governed by a ruling triumvirate. This triumvirate can be made up of mixed genders. However, through the three in these positions of power are of the same level on paper, the Primus of the Triumvirate (often called the Matriarch) seems to hold more sway. Some speculate that the Matriarch is the true leader/decision maker of Clan Castanic, and the other two members of the triumvirate are more like advisors.

The ruling triumvirate is the closest Castanics have to any sort of functioning nobility -- though the positions are not passed down to their descendants, but the most suitable successors.

Castanic artisans meld skill and magic to create fantastic artifacts. In the past, even the gods sought Castanic craftsmanship. Some of the Castanic artisans create Castanic costumes which are popular for parties. Artisans make exquisite replica horns… for a price.

Castanics Today
Already known as a fiery-tempered race, castanics have found an uneasy niche in the Valkyon Federation. Council decisions against their wishes frequently find castanic factions acting on their own. They take what they can, though they never steal, and they look out for each other.

Castanics in the Federation are willing to work together for the common good, but only so far as the common good doesn't take too long or come at too high a price. They’re perfectly willing and able to go their own way if necessary.

Castanics, for the most part, do not revere any gods. A small minority revere the goddess Kaia. Some, however, seduced by Lakan's promises of power, have followed the evil god into Northern Arun, intent on reviving the ancient and bloody name: devas.

Castanic Culture
Like many cultures, Clan Castanic has a coming-of-age rite that marks the transition to adulthood. The Crucible is a test that carries young adults into the deadly wastes of Fyrmount. There they struggle to find a token, a relic, or something of value whilst avoiding near-certain death at the hands (and fangs!) of the denizens of that fiery landscape. A Castanic is not considered an adult by his or her people until their Crucible is completed.

Race Height
Avg. Male Castanic

Avg. Female Castanic (4'11")

What other races think about Castanics:


"Castanics? They're cool looking and capable of doing many things well. But they are hard to command."

"Castanics? Why would I bother with those insane creatures… no constructive discussion is possible."

"They were friends of our ancestors. Should we not help them when they are in trouble?" "Hmm… so maybe say they don’t have any morals? Can’t possibly imagine what they are thinking? Cant make them do anything and they grab weapons on a single alert... heheheh, I’d say just avoid them."

"Well they are hard to deal with. They don’t like to talk a straight up conversation, and I think for that reason they don’t hang out with us. But they are not evil at all."

"We're kin—the races that live on the edge."

"They are quick and clever, but loathe to wait, weigh, reflect, or consider."

"Castanics care too much about themselves and too little about what matters—nature."

"They stand at the front of the line of battle, willing to give blood and bone for the betterment of all."

"They can be unstable, but their passion fuels a powerful engine of creativity. Greedy at times, but they keep their oaths. We share their drive, but not their fatalism."

"We taste fiery confidence in the castanics. Their let-me-at-them attitude also shows boundless courage."

Castanic Quotes

"Attack life—it's going to kill you anyway."

"If one has not given everything, one has given nothing."

"Words are cheap; blood is costly.

Castanic Naming Convention:
As for HOW castanics are named, the rules are simple:

-They use Latin (Roman) names

-They use names that sound really dang close to Latin/Roman names (Romanesque, as it were).

95% of the time, that rule covers castanic character names and specific locales.

Racial Traits
Kaiator's Drums:

Any castanic of sufficient level can teleport at will to Kaiator, with its great forges. 1 hour cooldown.

Skirmish Running:

An enraged castanic can sacrifice some stability for greater combat speed. 30 minute cooldown.

Dirty Fighting:

Castanics fight to win. When attacking from behind, they have a greater chance to critically hit. Passive.


When crafting metal weapons, castanic passion cuts the work time significantly.

Light Landing:

Always lithe and graceful, castanics take much less damage from falls than other races.



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    Player Created Castanic Lore

    Ideas for activities during Castanic Festivals
    1. Inflamed Pinyatas

    Castanic's love for life as burns true in the city streets as the woman take turns, tearing a whips tail through the sides of this solid pinyata. Their eyes covered with a thin black veil that only allows them to see the flashes of embers twisting up into the night air while one lookers lunge in along the leathered tail, following its path, spitting alcohol to feed the fire thirst. There is no reason for this but to fuel the Castanic's lust for life, to truly burn alive with their own passions.

    Deepening Castanic Lore
    1. It is no secret that Castanics are seductive and sensual race. Many of the other races find their inhibitions being toren away when their eyes first witness the Shrouded Rose, they find the reasons why some priest question their faith. Castanic themselves are no strangers to how other races view them and they prey on it, twisting their desires against them, using their bodies and sensual habits to allure them to a place where their tongues spill secrets. I see this as a prime opportunity to play off was to gather intel between Merc guilds

    2. Castanica host brothels and certain clubs that can not be found in other cities, this is lore based. How they police them is not. I want to offer up the idea that they mark certain clients that do not know how to behave. For first offences and minor ones they rip off the person left little finger nail then sear it so it can not grow back. Second and a little more serious, they cut off the tip of the persons little finger just above the knuckle, Third and a sign they are not welcome back, the cut off the little finger completely. Now with this costume, gloves are not allowed to be worn inside bars, clubs or brothels and many Castanics around the world will even remove their gloves before walking into any bar out of habit.

    Also I like to have help here so any one that has some kind of lore they like to add that will play off whats been laid out for use please do. Also would like others to do the same for other races as I been talking to others out there that our frustrated atm on who so few play into lore, well here is our chance to teach, take advantage of it.

    Fire Ritual
    As some may notice the purple fire by the South Gate in Castanica, I RP as it has been place by the people of Castanica to guide the fallen back home. Each night a rite is performed where a chosen Castanic peels the peeddles off a rose bud, crushes them between their fingers and offers them to the flame while singing a soft lullaby sung to Castanic children from the days of Zuras, also sung in a tongue once used when the Devas where once untied

    Castanic Traditional Dance
    So working on an idea for Traditional Castanic dances with Zoya and getting inspiration from Cearibian styles. One that screams at me is the Bachata which is a Dominican based dance. This is a brief Vid of the very basics of it

    A link to a small clip that shows the very basics


    How she s sitting on his hip is PERFECT the hands positions vary though depending on whom you are dancing with. Some one close to you the man would close the gap between each others forearms and cradle her arm back closer to almost behind his head to deepen the embrace. Also some men will wrapped the left arm to fold behind their back and the woman would place her hand on his heart (Mostly people that are close friends will do this as it allows a certain closeness to be felt with out making the dance more sensual). One thing they do not show is how people get the Latin motion while dancing, they do not physically role their hips, they place their weight over a bent knee, then press down on the ball of their foot just behind their big toe and straighten their leg, making their hip role look extremely mature much in the way a panthers steps make their shoulders roll, I get to that later.

    The reason behind the dance:

    The eyes witnessing the bronzed bodies twisting around the fires during the Festival of the Dead drinking in the sensual movement of the locals, the way their bodies slipped over each other, their sweat pushing into each other heat. Some turned away, discussed in their own perception that the Castanic's sexuality bleed over into the streets, some watched on in amazement as young lithe body pushed down into the cobble stoned streets. What the visitors do not understand about the ways Castanics expressed them selves if different then the other races, this was a time to lose themselves in anothers arms, to let go over all the hardships they have been faces, to break down the damn of emotion and to give the world everything they had to give. This was a slow cry in someones arms, a way they would hide any sadness until the night came, until they could share themselves with another.

    the Crucible
    Here are my thoughts about the Castanic Crucible or at least my perception of it. Until some one under goes they are viewed as a child by others, their opinions, fears, or anything else they may bring up are not taken seriously. This is what I see in my head;

    Standing at the break of the North Gate of Castanica, the oldest of he Son's holds his chin high against the doubts in his mind. For so long he walked in the absences of his Fathers shadow, trying to proclaim his right as he saw it into the culture. His Mother peeled back the thick leather cover her own Fathers sword, letting the cold steal taste the Amber glow of Fyrmont as it bleed back into the Shrouded Rose ,"If you find your self unable to wield these, you have no reason to come home." Her eye sliced her words into his heart, ripping out any fragments of the child left in him. His hands wrapped the length of each finger to fall in order around the hilts before the snap of his wrist sent them slicing through the air around his Mother ,"In three days I will return, our enemies have till then to reconcile," His pose rose up from his toes as though his Fathers dead hand was picking him up from his horns.

    What would be nice if some how we can have a weekly event for those that have not under gone their Crucible, have an Elder walk them to the North Gate to see them off and only an Elder for a child does not deserve the attention. When they come back a celibration of sorts as well? Just a nice focus RP to help others nail down more details of their characters.

    Castanic Style
    The Arcanist:

    Mixing in the fact that Castanics are renown for they skill as artificers as well as having that attitude, "If you got it flaunt it" Playing around the idea that many of the skilled Arcantist (Sorc) craft their own full finger ring Foci. These Foci are often extremely detailed, presenting their own personal style as well can be used for focusing arcane energies on a smaller scale than their much larger Foci (Sorc Disc) *If they focus too much energy through the finger foci they become over heated rather quickly in which would burn their fingers*. The main design often followed is to have the Thumb, Forefinger and Middle Finger encased with the rings as the last two fingers nails are often decorated to enhance the style.

    Examples of things in which this would allow them to do.

    Smaller Scale -Lead a flame off a candle to trace a trail of fire into the air -Collect humidity from the air, spinning little [filtered] of crystallized ice or as the above simple tracing them to trail into the air -Simple polar tricks which is only limited to your imagination

    Larger Scale for the more skilled Arcanist -Pulling an image off a flat surface ( A page from a book, a map, a painting on a wall, ect) then spreading the image to lay out into the air. -Manipulating pressure, allowing them to concentrate pin point needles of highly pressurized air (Tapping, poking or stabbed from a distance)

    The Shadow Core
    As the blood on the street left from the aftermath of the War of the Shrouded Rose dried between the cracks in the stones, the Matriarch looked over the City as the realization she could not allow the world around it to be blind to her eyes stung deeply. In the next come weeks she hand picked a few as a council with one goal only, to protect their city, this is what gave birth to the Shadow Core.

    In essence the Shadow Core is a group of Castanica Loyalist that have proven to have shared common goals and the passions to see them through as well they only answer to the Matriarch of the Clan. They monitor energy signals that flow through the city, watching for anything that can be viewed as a threat. They watch the surrounding areas, to the North keeping track of the Undead, Demons and other races, watching for patterns, intervening when it is in Clan Castanics best interest. They also take matters further then most would condenser moral, some flirt very closely to the line of right and wrong, some twisting Darker Magic (Shadow, though some may play into some Blood) believing sometimes you have to do the greatest evil to do the greatest good. Make no doubt they will not think twice of torturing, setting examples of what waits for those that dare try and take what belongs to their Clan, they are the most cunning and viscous members of the Clan you can meet.
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    Interesting lore and thanks for posting this. what's intriguing is that portions of the history match certain kTera sources while others segregate from twTera sources, and vice versa. of course as official as it can be (seeing that they are both storylines released from respective publishers), it's quite confusing when there are several sources talking about the same story but from different perspectives. i've been trying to read more into Tera lore and also come up with a story for myself that makes sense.
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    Yea NA Lore at times can be hallow as well many resources disclaim each other, such as one resource for NA lore will state Sikander ended the Divine War when he sealed all the Gods powers away, other state he sealed only his on at the pinnacle of the Age of the Divine and the Balder ended the War when he sealed off the Divine Realm (Which cut off the Gods from restoring their Divine strengths), it can be rather miss leading at times. Where KTERA and TW lore can more more endepth as well as filling in gaps left.

    We are missing a lot of the lore over here, little things such as Bahaar the God of Fire (Which if you go into Northern Fyremount you will see his head spilling out Lava even after death), how KTERA played off him with what we know as the Smolder Mount, over there it is named after the God of Fire. Little things like that are miss opportunities to play into to the lore.
  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭
    I went into do some research and it seems TW lore is the most out of place amongst kTera, jTera, and naTera, especially regarding the roles of Tithus, Lok, Ishara, Thulsa, and race Castanics. There's also a whole 13? chapter thread in kTera forums by this one person which is a novel-like interpretation of the lore. Nonetheless, i think the introduction to Manahan in TW lore is quite reasonable, as well as accounting the various Gods and Celestials. I'll definitely look more into this out of personal interest :3

    I agree with you about Bahaar- the only mention about him in naTera is through Crucible of Flame, the old one.

    Interestingly, Ur, God of Wendigos seems to be missing except for the naTera lore. haha
  • So... is it ok to accept this lore as cannon?
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    Darkwhip11 wrote: »
    So... is it ok to accept this lore as cannon?

    First post is about accurate as you can get

    Second is player created lore building off what was presented

    Cannons are more attuned to the idea of taking a story from an alternative universe, such as anime characters from a different venue. Good examples would be a Popo troupe based around Sailor Moon story, Elf based around Final Fantasy Characters, Castanics based around Jack Sparrow.

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    Im bookmarking this thread to increase my lore knowledge. Thank you for the very detailed info Aulon!
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    No mention of Firewhiskey being the favorite Castanic drink.

    Blast and Damnation! Fates be damned!
    - Random Castanic.
  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    Honestly Brandy tends to be more popular, Castanic is renown for Distilling the finest Brandy in the world. One of the oldest and most famous brothels in Castanic is renown for its Woman and exclusive Brandy as well.
  • F4ngDragonF4ngDragon ✭✭✭
    Aulon wrote: »
    Honestly Brandy tends to be more popular, Castanic is renown for Distilling the finest Brandy in the world. One of the oldest and most famous brothels in Castanic is renown for its Woman and exclusive Brandy as well.

    Never heard of a single Castanic mention Brandy drinks in game, just Firewhiskey since not only Castanic like it, but other adventurers as well.
  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    That is a shame, stop hanging out in Velika so much
  • F4ngDragonF4ngDragon ✭✭✭
    What? Maybe you should stop creating drinks for a moment, there are just 3 known to be in the game: the Mosswine from Highwatch, the Silver Wine from Allemantheia and Firewhiskey from Castanica. Anything else is either invented or I just missed on 1 NPC, which is uncommon since all the drinks I have mentioned are mentioned by numerous NPC's except for Mosswine, which just 1 NPC (Actol) mentions it.
  • "If one has not given everything, one has given nothing."
    The true Castanic way.
  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    F4ngDragon wrote: »
    What? Maybe you should stop creating drinks for a moment, there are just 3 known to be in the game: the Mosswine from Highwatch, the Silver Wine from Allemantheia and Firewhiskey from Castanica. Anything else is either invented or I just missed on 1 NPC, which is uncommon since all the drinks I have mentioned are mentioned by numerous NPC's except for Mosswine, which just 1 NPC (Actol) mentions it.

    I did not create the idea, sorry for any confusion. "One of the more famous brothels in Castanica known as Myrenia's Place in Dusk Street. This brothel is known for its signature Brandy properly dubbed Myrenia's Essenian Brandy. The denizens that reside in a place such as this also express their compliments towards the ladies of the places as well." is a short description not created by me but another four years ago as well has been widely excepted.
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    Amazing work. I am a huge Castanic fan as my main and healer are both castanic males. Bookmarked for more lore content :chuffed:
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