[TERA PC & Console] En Masse is closing, but TERA lives on! We will continue to support TERA PC (NA) and TERA Console until services are transferred. Our Service Moving Info page is now live here: https://bit.ly/tera_service_moving

Riders of EternalWings

Hi everyone! If you are looking for a fun friendly discord to meet new people or just chill or just talk about Tera or even join or listen about Tera online then you are welcome to join Riders of EternalWings Discord server! We are happy to allow anyone from Tera Online and Consoles! Please make sure to read over the rules however, if you do join and you don't have to be active if you don't want too, you can come and go as you please. Here is our latest update announcement in our community! https://discord.gg/YUzM5tg

Salutations everyone! I'm pleased to announce that we have a special guild and community update for the server! Anyone from any guild or just in general in Tera Online is now welcome to join this happy server! I added a new category and chat channels to help benefit the needs of it. #guild-shout-outs , #discord-contacts , #langauages , #server-shout-out , #lfg-tera-ps4 , #lfg-tera-xbox , #youtube-and-twitch-contacts, #discord-links are all under Community Shouts category. New Emojis are also added into the server, they are from the fankit if you are wondering, as well as class symbols and new guild ad icons, so you can tell what kind of guild your in or have. :dungeon: :pvp: :casual: Please make sure to be respectful and don't spam out but you can also put up your discord link in there as well! Have Fun!


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