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MT 3v3 PvP Tournament


Hello! We are proud to announce the new tournament hosted by the PvP Community in the Mount Tyrannas server! This event begins June 25th at 5pm PST. Sign ups start on June 19th. This event will be streamed by Sammie at twitch.tv/sammymarks and by Koi twitch.tv/koi90 so everyone can enjoy even from a different server! This event will be similar to Skyring Slam though it is a player made 3v3 tournament. The rewards for the tournament are:

1st Place: 150,000 Gold

2nd Place: 100,000 Gold

3rd Place: 50,000 Gold

We are only accepting the first 16 teams that sign up! For more information and to sign up please click the link below!


For more information or if you have trouble understanding any of the rules pm Sephranex or Zapdos in-game!


Estamos orgullosos de anunciar el nuevo torneo patrocinado por la comunidad PvP del servidor Mount Tyrannas! Este evento empezará el 25 de Junio a las 5pm PST. Podrás registrarte ati y atu equipo a partir del 19 de Junio. Este event estara transimitido por Sammie - twitch.tv/sammymarks y Koi - twitch.tv/koi90 para que todo el mundo pueda disfrutar de este torneo, incluso desde otros servidores! Este torneo es similar al popular Skyring Slam aunque en este caso esta hecho y organizado por los mismos jugadores. Los premios son los siguientes:

Primer lugar : 150,000 Oro

Segundo lugar : 100,000 Oro

Tercer lugar : 50,000 Oro

Solo estamos aceptando a los primeros 16 equipos que se alisten! Para más información y para alistarse al torneo sigue el siguiente link:



  • if you miss the previous tournament and want to watch the replay of the matches check it out here!

    or see mtpvp.com for more details!
  • TacticalGigaTacticalGiga ✭✭
    edited June 2016
    The 5v5 tournament was fun. Keep up the good work.

    Everyone, please try to sign up. There is no requirement to enter.

    Hopefully, EME will help you guys with porting players to skyring (or other arena locations) and spectating the matches in future events.
  • Ya the 5v5 tourney turned out pretty good. I'm definitely setting up a team for this 3v3 tourney.

    I hope teams from a lot of different guilds can come so we can show off the community more.
  • Any way you can prevent people from watching in-game to reduce lag during the matches?
  • The location will be secret until the tournament and it will be inaccessible to the masses. Should be lagless :)
  • The tournament is in two days! Sign up before its too late!

  • I will be closing the team registrations at 3pm PST


    Sign up now if you want to register a team for the tournament!
  • There is only ONE spot left on the roster before wait list is generated.

    Registration closes at 3pm PST!

    Sign up now at www.mtpvp.com
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