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Event Feedback Form

So, En Masse has asked asked Player Council to help them and Bluehole Studios with collecting some feedback from the players. I've made a Google Form that you can submit your honest answers in, and will collect the feedback in a few days, filter it and send it to En Masse Entertainment. If you want to help with future events, and shape the type of events that players do want to see, then this form may be of interest to you. @Sarumonin has taken it upon himself to create this form in order for it to be easier for you guys to submit your responses. Please treat it with care. If you have other issues other than what's asked here, please open a new forum thread to discuss that, as usual. This form is specific to the topics presented: Event Dungeons and World Boss Spawn Events.

Here you go:

Thank you very much.


  • Re-opened for discussion and players to post feedback here also.
  • RinkyRinky ✭✭
    These events sound great, as the Rally BAM has brought many people together, to tackle a task such as these, this brings an issue, as those BAMs require teamwork.
    Currently the PvP servers are suffering in population, and it seems that Bluehole Studios doesn't seem to quite catch the sense of urgency, and that action needed to be taken months ago. I am going to speak for Xbox PvP, as that's where majority of my experience stands. From what I understand, the Xbox One NA PvP server, Kaprima, has not had the players to kill the Rally BAM since February. This, alongside the release of a 20-player, end game dungeon, and the release of other games which exist because of PvP, there is now an empty server, as players have quit, and do not see anything noting that something will change. We needed a public statement months ago to stop this bleeding. I can't even get a group for 5-man dungeons, let alone a group large enough to tackle big world bosses; in turn further excluding me from being able to participate in end-game content, like Harrowhold.

    I think that other issues, such as server merge, need to be addressed before anything else is added to this game.

  • AftermathrarAftermathrar ✭✭
    edited March 2019
    Some screenshots of my feedback on the current event/mentality to aim for with future events:

    It really doesn't matter which type of events EME decides to go with, as long as we're seeing both effort put in and change based on feedback. As I said in Discord, there's very little compelling reason to keep logging in and playing when all of the content is stale. If there's reluctance to use costumes or economy items for a reward, even something as simple as double dragon scales or dragon scales on low tier content can be worthwhile since it helps progress alts. With revamp, incentives/pushes to level crafting would be a good short term boost that will help current players long-term going into revamp.

    I think the most effective idea moving forward is to maintain a variety of smaller events that are concurrent and overlap, so there's a choice of content type to partake in and, more importantly, it would show that you guys actually care about keeping us around. Currently, the roadmap is being used as the selling point to stay with the game, but that approach has been underwhelming time and time again.

    Event Dungeons: Bring back anything, LK, RM (without orb bug), TS, SCXM, but don't only rely on that event. Run some seasonal festival as well, a PvP calendar highlight, and maybe some smaller kyra's-type event. Give people multiple things to do.

    World Boss Spawn: This was great on PC, but will not work on console. We've still never received any optimizations for Rally, the only reason it's playable sometimes is that the majority of players have left the game, so there's not always enough people to crash the game. Using this as a single event will 1) Give no incentive to play outside of those times and 2) Be an immensely unpleasant experience for anyone trying to participate.

    Small Mob Spawns: Sure, but do this daily or possibly a couple of times a week as a side-event.

    Another source of inspiration could be the past successful events on PC. I remember a great one during this patch was a reward for IMSing and matching with rookie players for a VSNM/VSHM run. Lastly, EME or BHS could look at other f2p games that are doing well and try to internalize or at least understand the approach those games take to content and events. I know that not much can be done because of the reliance on BHS and their stubbornness, but we just want to see some effort and creativity showing through.
  • Can we work together on BAMs without being grouped? I wish I had known that change. Though someone else would have to be in the game fighting the BAM to really help much there.
  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    edited March 2019
    The idea of rally bosses can be nice, but because they have an estimated schedule you probably get the same group of high ilvl players winning for a chance of the dw crate drop. High ilvl players group together, while lower ilvl's get rejected with no chance of winning. So the powerful get more powerful/rich. I suppose that's just how mmorpg's are, just as with dungeon runs and LFG's. I'm not sure how this can be fixed or if it's even possible, but I just wanted to share my viewpoint.

    I also agree that the PuBG event is made redundant when the battle points were hotfixed to be unsellable. I don't find the helmets to be to my liking either. And because the consumables are also untradeable and expire when the event ends, there is not as much incentive to obtain /hoard them. So players like me have nothing they'd like to do with the points. Furthermore, the Desperado crates you get as dungeon drops yield more points than the crates you get from hunting the mobs, which require more effort beyond the regular gameplay. The hunting is fun at first but it's not worth doing after the first few days. Maybe the keys could have been made (more) obtainable only through the mobs crates and the desperado crates only obtainable through dungeon runs. Then you have reason to do both. As it stands now, because we get the most keys from parcel and desperado crates from dungeons, there's no reason to go hunting for the mob crates which mostly give insignificant amount of coins. But okay, the event is free to participate in and the prizes are bonus to help dungeon runs. That's fine.

    The reason for the hotfix was to not upset the economy, but then we have daily log-in rewards such as etching III's that are great but aren't untradeable and have directly deflated the market value. I'm sure many players have multiple psn accounts to cash in on this. This could have been avoided by making the items untradeable but bankable.

    Events like the summer events were great because you can earn quite a lot and you can farm as many coins as you can with multiple characters, and coins can be exchanged for gears, resources and permanent costumes pieces that can be sold. This catered to the interests of many players, and the market will self-regulate with the sales of the prize items.

    Prizes that don't expire and give the player multiple options as to what to do with them, give much incentive for players to play for them. People often play rpg games for the costumization and never-ending aspect and taking pride in what they've accumulated over the time/effort of gameplay.
  • Kenpachi389Kenpachi389 ✭✭
    edited March 2019
    Hate to think how many hours and money I dumped into the game, and at the moment, that and whatever GVG is available is the only reason why I'm still playing.

    So disheartening when you login and there is nothing to do PVP wise or a 2hr queue for bg? No thanks.

    You can communicate to the devs that the game is Dead to the pvpers and any newcomers who are logging in for PVP will not stick around for long.

    2months ago we had 7-8 players all move together from a different game to Tera and it was nice to see fresh meat arrive into PVP.
    -They left already, need more incentives to PVP other than feedstock. That is the fault of the game not the community as they were encouraged to stick around.

    Battlegrounds are not even competitive, as I mentioned before it's same handful of players carrying each game as the other players are still running in PVE crystals with recommended glyphs from 65, who are ONLY there for the rewards. - then the same people ask for PVE events so they don't have to q BG.

    TERA console literally relies on the jackpots for any battleground queues at all.

    I'm not expecting ESL level competitive battlegrounds.

    Basic stuff like titles, more rewards for finishing 4 week season in high ranking.

    The devs can't even implement a leaderboard, just some ranking system for your own character.

    Just seems like money grab for weebs to dress their elins and stand afk in HW or Velika if gvg'd, Dungeons are not End-Game, never will be. HH is closest thing you got.

    You can't even add any dmg meters or leaderboard rankings to PVE. Again, no competitiveness.

    Doesn't matter if they drop all content in April ie. Awakenings/crafting revamp/Elin and Male brawlers, any players looking for some competitive play will login for a month and leave again.

    Console is not starved for content, we are starved for players because the game is offering no decent competitive play.

    Simple thing like even adding DMG meters and speed rankings to dungeons even without rewards would offer something more to the players who are fully geared, or encourage others players to play better rather than being handheld.

    You are losing players daily, PUBGx is a joke, PUBG is a competitive PVP game, mixed with this? Are you having a laugh? that you'd even come across a few players in open world PVP for them rewards?

    I think the developers literally have no clue on how this game is on console and catering for a huge playerbase like PC.

    PVP and PVE servers are still separate. Early on in the game you couldn't create characters on PVP server as it was bugged so many went to PVE. PVP servers have no benefit at all other than GVG and open world pvp, PVP servers are dead. People login and unable to do anything as there are no players.

    Merge the servers or add exclusive rewards and incentives to PVP servers.
  • The current game is not much for PvE players either, especially if you don't raid or are not active or good enough for a guild.
  • more xp events plz ;)
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    Triple Gold , drops from highlight dungeons and additional reward from vanguard requests event if its gonna happen again (:
  • how come the Gourdo event only has one active time window each day and not two like the open world boss event?

    I may be part of the minority of players that play in the AM of the day, so I am only able to be online minimally for this event. I know this is for the NA region and the most players are catered to with the current active windows, but still some players are being neglected.
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