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  • what is my bellacarium jewelry 8900 n frostmetal is 1500
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    Nergal736 wrote: »
    ok is it me or am i nt getting item xp at all

    You need to do vanguards that have item xp listed as a reward and if you're wearing Guardian gear, that doesn't get item xp.

  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    edited April 5
    -Attempting to claim your Guardian Legion reward boxes from the quest log, can occasionally crash the game.
    -Switching characters can crash the game.
    -The Brawler's Passive Skill Deadly Fury has a 1-hour cooldown now.
  • I just got an appearance change voucher and every time I go to use it it will get to the loading screen and then the game crashes.
  • MaximumbootyMaximumbooty ✭✭
    edited April 5

    I noticed you updated the list but didnt update the list with specific existing problem in the video i posted.

    I know you're busy but this bug has been in the game for a year now and dramatically ramps up how long it takes to craft any substantial number of golden darics/plates silver siglos/plates.

    Its not about crafting speed, this glitch means you cant craft more thsn 3 things at a time while it freezes and stalls the game heavily every single time.
  • We can craft only 2 etchings atm becurse we dont drop titan ember
    + mats for 4 etchings are missing
  • we cant even craft accessory etchings @cobalt if it future update fine but one thing is the item xp for 431 is toooooo low @CobaltDragon it really is 44 for xp and i lose failure increase with my enchant please check this out thank you
    Why do Akashas + Baracos Trial and Celestial Arena only reward 50 Gold when u can only do it 2 times a day?
    but Echoes of Aranea rewards 280 Gold
  • Warrior skill rain of blows gives only 1 stack with buff deadly gamble should be 2 stacks but sometimes u get just 1
  • In Harrowhold Phase 2 it appears that vergos cannot receive the effect from Triple nemesis whatsoever, Curse of volleys works though
  • jinxkunjinxkun California ✭✭
    ive been noticing a bug with a lot of the leveling 20-65 dungeons...im a lvl 50 gunner and all the dungeons ive seen so far up till now have had a very annoying bug. Any doors that are supposed to be closed until a boss in another area. I.e bastion of lok, the door that is supposed to be closed near all of the little imps. And you have to kill the female and the stone crusher to go through the door and continue on to the other two bosses, its completely open to the public. Another example is cultists refuge. The door to the last boss in the top left room on the map is open to the public when you first need to kill the other two bosses in order to kill the last boss. I dont mind too much but for new players it can get to be very confusing. Also -.- when is the whole twistshard gear needing expensive money to enchant it....gonna be fixed..... rant over 🙂
  • Pure titan fire new recipe don t work
  • xDCxxDCx ✭✭
    Any new on this feedstock change? I just started playing again when this new gunner patch came out. Why can we not break down items we do not want for feedstock?
  • T5GA9WFXT9T5GA9WFXT9 Highwatch ✭✭
    You cant buy Elemental Essences via tokens or guardian points
  • short question: I am a master in engraving but I can not do the handicraft exam in alchemy. I am 500/500
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