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[IMPORTANT]: Rebalancing and make this game great again.

This message is for game creators and everyone playing TERA
Im just gonna skip to honest and hard truth of this game:

This game at high tier dungeon only consist of 3 group of people: Developers AKA (GM), Rich People and BOT(carrying real players in dungeon)
what do i really mean... heres how it works

Game is free to play until u level 65..everything goes smoothly for the first few dungeon only when u grind and gear
As you play on you realise game gets impossible to play at around 439 and higher dungeon unless u get carried by (GM, rich people or BOT)
People will start to buy stuff from TERA store and sell it for gold to enhance gear and realise it will never be enough no matter what
Its not Free to play NOR Pay to Win ...up to the point PAY AND STILL LOSE (grabbing system made by the developers)
Depending on intellect of players they could be spending ranging from 0 to hundreds or probably thousands by then

Point: Gear will NEVER EVER scale accordingly to dungeon in this game (min gear should always be able to clear dungeon one way or another)

Last Known Resort(if you planning to keep players in game):
1. Rework and rescale gear to dungeon ACCORDINGLY and add creativity to mechanics instead of boss one shotting players everytime
2. Make this game subscription payment method again (people will be willingly to pay the right way...its a win-win situation developers still generate revenue and players will DEFINITELY contribute to a well made game) [You get what you pay for] *Free to play model will never work its always money laundering at the later stages everyone knows that*

At the end of the day everyone benefits from this system and hope you read this message sincerely it will change the impact of this game heavily

Thank you


  • Kira98Kira98 ✭✭✭
    Don't waste your time dude.
  • GMs generally dont play the game at a high skill level, and even if they did you wouldn't know it was them.

    Being rich doesn't necessarily mean you're good at the game.

    Bots dont run dungeons
  • Kira98: even if the odds are 0.000001% if they are moved it will happen:D

    Gaalrak: i guess being innocent to the real world makes u happier:0
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