Please add Veilthroch to meta emblem shop

*Topic* I know eme staff does not even bother looking at forums anymore. But dungeon drops appear to be super nerfed n these drops are even more rare than before. I know the new bams drop them as well, but it's like 1 Veil every 700 bams. Please just add to meta emblem shop.


  • MrTubbyMrTubby ✭✭
    Pretty sure the higher lvl the bam the better chance it is to drop a veil. I farmed kumas for a while and no luck, moved to basi's and get a few every hour. Another option is just speed farm RK-E you get them very quickly.
  • Kira98Kira98 ✭✭✭
    Bams is the better way for farm veils. The drop in dung is a meme
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