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Bring back FWC and Ally System!

edited April 16 in PvP Discussion
Why not bring back FWC, since almost no one queue /Shore Hold, but only CS. In the Velika server is notorious discontent for this ridiculous battleground, that there are still no players in the rankings, of that session. FWC was fun and attracted many players, already Shore Hold, some still enter only to get plates, and this is rare, and ends up destroying still more Pvp. I do not understand how hard it is to realize, as this game is being overlooked by mistakes and neglect. Simple, just listen / read what the players want, and everything is solved, as they are playing every day. And this Cuv system, no one can stand it any longer! Why not bring the system of alliances back? Final question, why insist on destroying the game, doing the opposite of what the players want, and never listening to it?


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