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!! DEMANDE DE SOUTIENS (de la communaute ps4) POUR REPORT AU SUPPORT LES NINJAS DE WORLD BOSS (Serveur PVE Meldita / Europe) !!
• A PROPOS des vols de world boss * : En PVP c'est celui qui ouvre l'autre en deux qui a le BAM, en PVE, ça devrait être le 1er arrivé qui le prend. donc serrait cool que les ninjas de world boss ce remettent en question et vous vos avis ?
• Perso c'est mon 2eme report en moins d une semaine au support et 8eme plainte a mes oreilles de certaines guildes (dont je garde l’anonymat) mais pour moi ces genres de joueurs non rien a faire en pve si ce n'est que pourrir l'ambiance qui y réside !!
• Alors je recommande de poser des tickets au support si cela vous arrive (oubliez pas les screens)

• Forum et débats passés :

• *vols de world boss = vous avez l'agro et un tank viens vous piquer l'agro pour reset le WB pendant qu un autre joueur va le taper en 1er au point de pop (c'est du vol de groupe)


!! REQUEST FOR SUPPORT (from the ps4 community) FOR REPORT TO SUPPORT NINJAS WORLD BOSS (Server PVE Meldita / Europe) !!
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••
• ABOUT the flights of world boss *: In PVP it is the one who opens the other in two who has the BAM, in PVE, it should be the first come who takes it. so would be cool that the world boss ninjas that question and you your opinion?
• Perso is my 2nd report in less than a week to support and 8th complaint to my ears some guilds (which I remain anonymous) but for me these kinds of players not anything to do in pve if it is that rot the atmosphere that resides there !!
• So I recommend to post tickets to the support if this happens to you (do not forget the screens)

• Forum and past debates:

• * flights from world boss = you have the agro and a tank come and get the agro to reset the WB while another player will type it first to the point of pop (it's group robbery)


  • DatGeekDatGeek ✭✭✭
    Yay go google translate, right?

    You might want to write this in actual English, buddy. None of it makes any sense.. Google translate can't translate much, especially if you pasted all of that stuff into it to have it translate everything in one go.
  • ArrowrpgArrowrpg Guilde : Farm ton Skill
    edited May 2019
    Sorry my english not good but more people speak english in EU serveur i am sorry for bad translate :/
  • IreneGemIreneGem Far away...
    edited May 2019
    What I understand is that someone (a dps) is fighting a world boss and a tank comes along and aggro shout the boss and run away while the world boss is chasing him or her to reset it to full health.
  • DatGeekDatGeek ✭✭✭
    Your best bet is to send a support ticket about it and file it under "harassment" and have them investigate it. Though, i doubt they'll do much about it, sadly..

    People find any thing they can use to grief others in online games i'm afraid.
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    This has already been stated by the GM to be known as "malicious griefing". Record a clip showing that you pulled the BAM first and that it was stolen from you, then submit a ticket with the evidence. If a player(s) would like to join you with the BAM, they are welcome to ask, but if you decline, then there is nothing they can do.
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