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PC-Velika Giveaway for levelup (10K each)

Hello, I'm Ready(Bra) from Velika server, guild master of Meme.
I'm giving 10,000 gold for anyone(new or old player) to use my buddyup code, join my guild under lv10 and reach lv65.
Buddyup program is designed for existing players to invite new players to join the game. We generate Buddyup codes that give you x200% exp and many perks to make your leveling experience much better. We also get perks suitable for our level in return.
By joining my guild and level up your character, you have the benefit of full guild buffs (we are lv217 guild, learned all the buffs) and it will also help my guild to gain guild exp. You can feel free to leave the guild any time after obtaining the gold from me. You are also welcomed to stay and become a guild member (you get the gold no matter if you stay or leave).
I'm mostly online on Bra(in-game name), when you reach lv65, contact me, let me know which buddyup code did you use, I will confirm and give you 10K gold.
(Also guild management is weekly or whenever the guild is full, meaning if you are offline for more than 6 days, you spot in the guild might be taken by someone else. It shouldn't be an issue since leveling has improved so much, a new player can easily levelup to 65 within a week.)

Guild: Meme (lv217)
Buddyup codes:
Each code has limited usage of 3 per month, if one code is full, please try another.

Also if you watch my youtube videos about TERA, please note that they were from at least a year ago and I don't recommend you to follow those outdated videos. I still see people leaving comments and subscribe to it, thank you for the support but I'm not as active on TERA as before and I don't plan to make more TERA related video, sorry. There are a lot of other channels making better TERA content than me, I'd suggest you to watch them, my favorite is Dean.

Happy hunting : )


  • Hi! i used a code, but it said last online 3 months ago. Do you..still by any chance..play?
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