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Patch Notes v81 - May 7- Skywatch: Companions

Skywatch continues!
This update brings a challenging new dungeon with other-worldly foes, a new companion system to upgrade your pets, plus other quality of life improvements.

New Dungeon: Gossamer Vault
  • Gossamer Vault is a dungeon for 5 players of level 66 or above.
  • The entry cost is 290 adventure coins.
  • The teleportal is located in Essenian Crest just pass the Stronghold of Blood.
  • Instance matching minimum requirements:
    • Character level 66
    • Item level 453
  • Notable dungeon rewards:
    • Stormcry Equipment Chest
    • Party Skill Advancement XP
    • Transcendence Mask
    • Transparent Mask
    • Hidden Weapon Sheath
    • Accessory Amplifier I
    • Brooch etchings
    • Moondrop Fragment
      • This is a new token for a new Moondrop Fragment Shop where players can purchase pets to collect or use with the new Companion System.
    • Diamond
    • Veilthroch
    • Elemental Essence
    • Springy Draco Limb
    • Devil’s Claws
    • Dragon Skull
  • Added eight achievements associated with this dungeon.

New Companion System
  • A new Companion UI displays all your registered pets and partners.
  • Removed the old pet interface.
    • Your old pets will be redelivered to you via parcel post so you can get them into the new system.
  • Companions now remain summoned when teleporting.
  • License: Players now receive companion licenses to register a new pet or partner.
    • Multiples of the same companion type can be registered.
    • Pet and Partner icons in inventory now have an image of the companion.
  • Moondrop Fragment: Players can exchange moondrop fragments for a pet license.
  • The story quest, “Thrall Egg,” is granted to level 66+ players and upon completion give players their first partner, Cocomin, with personal storage.
  • Partners have two types of skills:
    • Bond Skill: An active skill with a 3-minute cooldown that improves combat abilities. Bond Skill effects increase as your fellowship with your partner increases.
    • Gifted Skill: A passive skill of buffs including recovery and defense buffs, XP buffs, as well as crafting and gathering buffs. A gifted skill is randomly given to a partner upon registration. The gifted skill activates randomly when the partner is summoned and is more likely to trigger the higher the partner’s stamina.
  • Grade and Fellowship: A partner’s grade and fellowship start at 1 when registered.
    • Grade can increase to 10.
    • Fellowship can increase to 50. Higher fellowship is reached at higher grades.
  • You can change a companion’s name the Companion UI. The first change after registering the companion is free. A Companion Name Change Voucher is needed afterwards.
  • Partner Abilities:
    • Partners generally don’t start with any abilities. Instead, you train your partner to transfer an existing ability from another pet. After the transfer, the transferred ability is removed from the pet and cannot be restored.
    • Partners are more adept than pets with the Auto-Use Potion ability, allowing players to designate specific HP or MP potions to use at specified percentages. Adjust the ability options in the Companion UI.
  • Additional partners can be obtained through combining pets and evolving pets:
    • Pets can be combined for a chance to obtain a new pet or a new partner. The higher the pets’ levels are, the higher the chance of obtaining a partner. The combined pets no longer exist. No abilities are transferred from combined pets in this process.
    • Pets gain XP when they are fed and can level up. You can Evolve a grade 10 pet into a random companion using Evolution Cores. Pet evolution can fail, reducing your pet to grade 9. No abilities are transferred from evolving pets.
  • Pets need food to keep their energy up. Feeding your pets recovers their energy and increases their XP. The XP increased is proportional to the energy recovered.
    • Pet food is obtained through crafting or merchants.
    • Purchase pet food recipes through fishing supplies merchants.
  • Partners need gifts to keep their stamina up. Gifted figurines recover your partner’s stamina. Note that partners are not required to be summoned to give figurine gifts.
    • Figurines are obtained through crafting or merchants.
    • Purchase gift designs through the processing materials merchants in crafting centers.

Partner Gifted Skills
  • Urgent Recovery [I, II, III]
    • Randomly recovers [20000, 25000, 30000] HP per second for [3, 4, 5] seconds.
  • Emergency Service [I, II, III]
    • Randomly replenishes [500, 750, 1000] MP per second for [3, 4, 5] seconds.
  • Barrier [I, II, III]
    • Randomly absorbs [50000, 80000, 120000] damage for [9, 12, 15] seconds.
  • Fellowship [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases duration of a Bond Skill by [20, 40, 60] percent for 10 minutes when entering combat.
  • Rapid Growth [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases hunting XP rewards by [5, 10, 15] percent for 30 minutes after giving a gift to your partner.
  • Rapid Advancement [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases skill advancement XP rewards by [5. 10, 15] percent for 30 minutes after giving a gift to your partner.
  • Dual Boost [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases hunting and skill advancement XP rewards by [2.5, 5, 7.5] percent for 30 minutes after giving a gift to your partner.
  • Critical Crafting [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases critical success chance while crafting by [10, 15, 20] percent for 5 minutes.
  • Backup Fisherman [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases chance to catch a BAF by [30, 40, 50] percent for 5 minutes.
  • Gathering Support [I, II, III]
    • Randomly decreases gathering time by [10, 15, 20] percent for 5 minutes.

Apex Glyphs
  • Added glyphs to Apex skills.
  • Glyphs are obtained through a new achievement upon reaching level 70 and completing the Apex story quest.
    • Warrior: Increases skill damage of Blade Waltz by 10 percent.
    • Lancer: Increases skill damage of Super Leap by 5 percent.
    • Slayer: Increases skill damage of Savage Strike by 25 percent.
    • Berserker: Increases skill damage of Unleashed: Beast Fury by 10 percent.
    • Sorcerer: Increases skill damage of Ice Lance by 12 percent.
    • Archer: Increases skill damage of Wind Walk by 10 percent.
    • Mystic: Increases skill radius of Arunic Release by 20 percent.
    • Priest: Increases charging speed of Mana Charge and Divine Charge by 40 percent.
    • Reaper: Increases skill damage of Dark Harvest by 10 percent.
    • Gunner: Increases skill damage of Remote Trigger by 7 percent.
    • Brawler: Increases skill damage of One-Inch Punch by 10 percent.
    • Ninja: Increases skill damage of Quick Attack by 12 percent.
    • Valkyrie: Increases skill damage of Gungnir’s Bite by 15 percent.

Class Balance
  • Warrior
    • Reduced Rising Fury's EP effect, Chained Speed Skating from 50 percent to 25 percent.
      • Changed to affect the speed on both the first and the second hit.
  • Berserker
    • Changed Lethal Strike to increase damage while HP is between 100–50 percent and decrease damage while HP is below 50 percent.
  • Archer
    • Changed Find Weakness to trigger 100 percent on the target when hit.
  • Sorcerer
    • Increased casting speed of Prime Flame, Iceberg, Arcane Storm, and Elemental Fusion by 10 percent.
  • Reaper
    • The Shadow Reaping skill animation can now be interrupted more quickly.
  • Priest
    • Increased time to allow chain after using Final Reprisal.
    • Changed Mana Charge from restoring 3–8 percent MP to 232–619 MP.
    • Changed Divine Charge from restoring 3–8 percent MP to 232–774 MP.
  • Mystic
    • Increased time to allow chain after using Metamorphic Smite.
    • Increased Arun’s Vitae expiration time to 180 seconds.
    • Increased Arun’s Tear expiration time to 180 seconds.
    • Changed Arun’s Tear from restoring 20 percent MP to 1,546 MP.
  • Brawler
    • Increased Rampage casting speed by 10 percent.
    • Decreased Rampage movement distance from 20m to 8m.
  • Lancer
    • Increased Leash hitbox for the skill to make it easier to hit.

UI Refinement
  • You can now hide the following UI frames while in combat:
    • Party/Group window
    • Raid Parties
    • Compass
    • Quest Tracker
    • Main Menu
    • Mini-map
    • Chat windows
    • Shortcut Trays
    • Effects
    • Elite Perks
    • Account Benefit Icons
    • Character Status HUD

Guild Quests rewards have been updated to fit current item level range.

Costume Dismantling
  • Added the ability to dismantle some of your old costume items into Terachic Boutique coins which will be exchangeable for exclusive costume items.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Terachic Boutique itself is currently disabled. Due to player feedback we are not opening the shop at this time. We will open it soon.
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